Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm about the same everywhere (weight, I think inches, etc.). Hey, it's not gaining! I know I've lost inches at least in my legs (wearing pants I coudln't before), but I can't bring myself to try on the 16s. I will continue to do the working out like I have been (5-7 days/week of enough cardio and weights to be equivalent to 10000 steps). I've been kicking butt on that one :) My probem area is food still. I'm thinking it'll be a life long struggle that I'll have to keep in check. Have any of you fellow compulsive eaters ever really gotten over it?
But, I bought food last night that is more on track with what I had before...and removed the food I tend to gorge on or is bad for me. I'm still not going to be as strict as a diet, but I need to say no more.

So, I asked a question on the last post that I'll repeat because I really want to hear what y'all do :) What do you do during the "slump" time to either keep or re-motivate yourself to keep on chugging along instead of giving in to temptation? I had hit a major slump where I was eating bad foods again and not as many veggies. And over eating. I'm not quite out of slump time yet, but the light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel.


MargieAnne said...

Hi, I've just been doing battle with a low period. I tend to eat too much bread and drink a lot of coffee with sugar.

Always, it seems, I slip up on blogging, writing, reading and leaving comments at the same time. That's always a bad sign. I also stop keeping my food and exercise journal.

So I pick up at least one of these things each day until I'm fully back on program. sometimes it's easy others it is very hard. The shorter the time AWOL the easier it is ...usually.

Getting enough rest is of paramount importance. If there is a lot going on in my life the changes are made very slowly. The hardest part is to be consistent. I would call myself a 'chaotic eater.' My challenge is to be somewhat disciplined, eat regularly and sleep.

Counting Carb grams and keeping my daily intake low takes about 3 days before I feel the benefit of increased 'get-up-and-go' again.

The biggest battle is with my mind and I doubt if that will ever be over.

All the best as you learn how to eat reasonably and come to know yourself better.

Anonymous said...

It's been hard for me not to slip back into comfort eating when I don't see the progress I think I should. I try not to allow myself something "special". I know I will find an excuse to have it again. I look at where I have started & where I want to go with this. Doesn't always help, but sorta keeps me on point!. Good Luck!