Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lucky Girl!

I know I've been fairly mia. I just get tired of being concerned and complaining about non-body changing issues. *sigh* So, I will probably be mia again this next week. I need to figure things out for me, you know? Get my head on straight again and see the good. It's not like I'm not appreciative for what I've been given...I live a more privilaged life than's just hard when there is a lot of negative events. The past few years have been trying.

Something good that has happend? I won a gift card to Cathe's site from Fitness Fig! How cool is that?! Now I just have to decide what to get! What a good problem to the paper writing and grading I'm doing right now for finals! Most of her video's are advanced...I'm DEFINATELY not there. But, I found a step/circuit training video that I think I'm going to get. I'm excited that I get to try one of her workouts, given that I've been reading about them for a while on FF's blog:) Now that I think about it, I should just ask FF what to get!

I also entered a give away for a work out at grounded fitness for a workout video. If that's your sort of thing, go check it out!


The Happy Runner said...

It's always worthwhile to take breaks and figure things out for yourself. Assessing and reassessing help us to move forward and stay -- or get back -- on track. So, its good that you are planning to do that.

Congrats on the win!

Dr. Wifey said...

i totally understand the "end of the semester" craziness. yay on the gift card win!

Natalia said...

Congratulations!! :) I hope that you enjoy the video.

MizFit said...

I LOVE THOSE KINDS OF SURPRISES...which is so why I adore doing the give aways too :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Hooray on winning the giveaway! And going MIA is perfectly understandable sometimes. Sometimes it helps to step back a bit.

Felicia said...

*HUGE HUG* You have to do what you have to do. Its a whole list of things to fix when you are getting healthy. Not just losing the weight. Your doing great! Just promise to stay facing forward and you will work through this too!

Congrats on winning the giveaway!


Mizz White said...

congratulations on your win! We have to take time away to focus on the "real" world everynow and again. Just take care of yourself and try not to stress too much.

Tom Rooney said...

MIA is OK when you're trying to figure things out. You just need to keep the M&Ms out of the room while you're figuring. :)

Diana, from what I see with your writing, I have faith that you'll do what is right for you.

Nice win for the gift certificate too.

Felicia said...

You have been bestowed an award! Pop over and check it out!

Hope you are doing well!!