Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Operation Beautiful

Once again I've forgotten my original blog post meant to write today and found myself thinking about one of Miz Fit's topics. On the off chance that I have one single reader that doesn't know the awesomeness of Miz Fit, then I think you should go to her site. She's talking about Operation beautiful. Have you heard about it already? Where one woman wants it to be all of our missions to pass on something nice for a stranger. It's about helping people realize their beautiful and quiting the negative self talk. Simply brilliant. Totally got tears...especially the message "You are enough!" Why do we struggle with these things? Isn't it about time we stopped?

Here's Miz Fit's site

Operation Beautiful

Operation Beautiful Movie

Friday, June 26, 2009

Marley :)

We did get the puppy!! She's @ 5 months old. Believe it or not, they gave us the dog free along with a colar, leash, bed, doggie bowls, a toy and a small brush. This was a dog they found on the road. I thought it was too good to be true, but so far so good...pink gums, clear eyes, clean ears (can see scars where flease and ear mites were, but the bugs are gone now)...loveable and freely goes on her back, lets us hold her paws, lots of puppy kisses and playful. Everything I could ask from a puppy! Just one more test, vet visit monday, and we'll be good to go! I believe we lucked out big time...so far. OH, and is on her way to being potty trained.

Here are pics from the "foster" mom.

Adorable, isn't she!? She's really more of a rat terrier/weenie mix (or something like that as she's very small with a long body and long head. I'll take better pics eventually. Whatever she is, she's an absolute love!
Yes, I think we're naming her Marley Ireland (Marley, after Bob Marley, not the dog show...so irritated that they had to use that name!). Our other dog is Gretchen Wednesday, so we're "those" people. lol.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I think we're getting a puppy!! :) Can you tell I'm a *little* excited? OK, I'm about to wet my pants I'm so excited, but I thought that might be tmi ;) LOL. Not a puppy, puppy, but a @5-6 month old! She's a little bull terrior/weiner dog (?) mix. The (?) is because the current foster mom doesn't know. But, she looks like a miniature spuds mckenzie (more spots though) only without the "fat" nose, more of a narrow (weiner dog or fox teriror) nose. Cutie. And, we meet her tomorrow, so cross your fingers that it all works out!

How does this relate to health? Puppies need exercise! lol. Especially 2 puppies...as most of you know, we already have the one (miniature schnauzer).

Besides, mental health is important too...and your doggie breaking your heart every time she sees another dog is no good. Literally gets on her hind leggs at the end of her leash and cries to play...unless I catch her early, then she just whines and gives me the saddest little face. Mopes after visiting the in-laws and their dogs. So sad/pathetic. Almost as sad/pathetic as I am when I see other doggies. Not anymore though :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Give away!

No, it's not me. I'm WAY too cheap for that! 

But, Natalia's blog turns a year old! To celebrate, she is giving away one of her sister's dog tag jewelry pieces. You can put a word (maybe two?) on it to help you get inspired or just to remind you of whatever you need to be reminded of. lol. 

How to win? Go here to her blog. Post about it on your blog. Become a fan of the jewelry on facebook. 3 chances. 

Congrats, Natalia!! I'm so glad to have "met" you and hope you have another year of great self discoveries and freeing moments :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


One bonus to being sick...you kind of reset your appetite. Not just in that I didn't eat for 2 days and was queezy a little bit after, but more that it's like a fresh start. (now you get to see the sick inter workings of my mind!). I was in the habbit of over eating at every meal. That was squashed in a heartbeat. I also was in the habbit of snacking in between meals. How can you tell one meal apart from the other if you're constantly eating anyway? Food fest 09 has officially ended. The only problem is that after resetting it takes a lot of work to keep it there.

I over ate last night. And partially for lunch. Ugh. Because the food I had was so dang good! What was it? Seafood fondue. Brie, heavy creawm, crab meat, shrimp, butter, shallots. If you're mouth isn't watering then you hate dairy. Or shellfish. Or you're sick and wrong ;) Just kidding. But, why is it that I can't crave salad like this?

I think I just told a lie. But, I didn't realize it so I told a fooling myself story? There are three salads that are pretty darn good! But, it's rare, and one involves bacon dressing, one has french and ranch dressing mixed, and the other is an oriental one with sugar in the dressing. *sigh*

ANYWHO! So, back from ADHD land to the fondue. It's almost gone (I'll make my average sized hubby eat it!). And, I'll be continuing the stopping eating when I'm comfortable. Whoah, hold on, what? Yes, being sick made me discover what it was like to not be gorged full. Not bad :) I feel empowered. In a *sick* sort of way.

BTW, how "sick" is it that I'm getting better after having food poisoning? Weird, but hey...at least something, anything, good came out of being that ill!

Oh, and my friend finally called me yesterday. Life is good. Worry wart for nothing.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sickness and bread, not together

I have been sick. Sick to my stomache...literally :( Don't know if it was food poisoning (my guess) or a bug or an infection...and yes I went to the doc. He took blood to make sure I was not having pancreatitis or apendicitis. Nope. Just couldn't hold anything in...in any way you look at it. Ick. To top it off, my very good friends got married yesterday and we weren't able to go because I was sick. Suckaroo. Very good friends as in we were at one point scheduled to be a bridesmaid and groomsman. (long story as to why we had decided not to). I can only hope they understand. *sigh* Who'd rather be stuck in bed all day and praying to porcelin gods than go see their best friends get married. Can you tell I feel guilty? How I could have forseen or prevented it I have no idea. But, somehow a 6-7 hour car ride doing unmentionable things seemed like a bad plan.

On a lighter note: I did make the bread before said sickness happened. It's good! 7 hours from start to finish, but still was eatible and that's what it's all about! And I have pics :) It's a whole wheat sour dough bread. Not bad for whole wheat!

See..I even took the pic with a bite out of a piece to show it is eatible! lol. Really, I just forgot to take one pre bite.
The white is flour. Next time it will be prettier :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

update...yes, I have nothing more creative than to call this update :)

I got sucked into facebook and now my blog reading is falling to wayside along with my blog posting! Dang facebook. grrr. so addictive.

Good news is that I've been eating healthier. Ok, it's just been since today, but it is a start! I saw another photo of myself and was freaked. Besides that the pants I'm wearing in my profile photo here (the ones I was freaking out about not looking good in) are not wearable as they are tight. Besides all the other reasons I want to get healthier. Organic food doesn't do good if you indulge all the time in processed fast foods with more fat grams that I can count!

Why does it have to be so difficult? Regardless, I need to sart now. So that I have time to do all the things I want to in life!

Randomness. I'm starting to bake my own bread. I'm turning domestic. It barely preceeded the want of little people (aka children) in the house. Oh, you dang biological clock...what are you doing to me?!? But, this means I have natural bread where I know what ingredients are in it. Now I just need to have a sucessful loaf (1 didn't rise enough and the other one tasted funky) and life will be great :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy bloggaversary to the happy runner!

The happy runner has just turned 1!!! Go there, congratulate felice on her bloggaversary! Comment and get a chance for free stuff.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The wee hours random post

I'm here early. At work before 6 to prepare for a meeting this afternoon that I'm not ready for. It was re-scheduled late last night (while I was sleeping). I was annoyed for about 2 seconds. Leaving my puppy and hubby at 5:30 is never a smiling event...especially with the puppy eyes when she realizes I'm leaving.s OH, the puppy eyes. The puppy eyes could break a heart in two!! But, you know what this means? I have until Friday to prepare! Overcoming procrastination is something they should give lessons on, but I'm afraid it'd consist of "do it now" and not much else. lol.

Speaking of procrastination, it also means that I couldn't go for a walk today. I actually didn't go last week either. The puppy was visiting mimi and papa (the MIL & FIL). It's weird, I actually used her for motivation . I didn't have a backup. I was just going to wing it. I just hadn't counted on being lost about it without her. Listen to me...lost without my dog. lol. What has happened to me. Surrogate kid? Me thinks so. Lesson #2 for the week...CONTINGENCY PLANS!!!

I did overcome the procrastination about the tofu. I tried it! If you can get around the mushiness, it's not terrible. It's actually not bad. FYI...eat it IN something. Salad. Rice dish. Something. Plain is not the way to go when you first start. Unless you're brave. Or weird.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I don't recommend that you use the deoderant trick for heavy working out. Just an fyi...please don't blame me if you hurt because you try it! I've only done it for things that aren't strenuous.

I'm trying the tofu tomorrow. Can't avoid it any longer! lol. It will be fabulous. If it isn't though, I we have an oriental salad with the parts already made up and so it will be quick and easy to put together. So, I already have good things in place!
I'm going personal again, so bear with me. Just need to work it all out.

It’s happening. My body is betraying me!!! We've talked about not having children from day one. We’ve discussed it at length. When will it happen? There’s no optimal time. I will be 32 (best case scenario) when I get a job. Then starting my career. Then getting financially stable. Then I’m at the age, after all that, that either I can’t have kids or the chances of downs syndrome increase dramatically.

Regardless, I just about started crying yesterday at the thought of having a child. I let myself entertain the idea of having kids (my hubby said my body would do this and I’d want one, so we should think about it. lol. Such a romantic). Now? My SIL is trying. And, the thought of having one caught my heart in my throat. I wanted it so bad. If only for a moment, my heart was breaking that we aren't pregnant. Darn him for putting this into my head! I swear I didn't really realize it was something I wanted!

Now's not a good time, but I will be done with school in one year. One short, albeight stressful, year. That's it. I'll be a grown up... on the outside at least! (btw: yes, I realize I have been grown up age wise for a while, but let's just let me be in denial :)

One year and we can think about having a baby. Yes, I'll be starting my career, but what if it's something we want in a year? What if we decide it is for us once we move?

But, I’ll be damned if I bring a mini-me into this world with known issues. Especially my food issues. *sigh* I want to have a healthy pregnancy. I want to be healthy, I don't want to pass on these bad habbits. It’s something to work for. If I want to have a baby anytime in my life, I need to change things. The time is now.

What’s a girl to do when her concept of herself changes in a month?

Friday, June 5, 2009


Bawk....Bawk Bawk bawk bawgack!! (or however a chicken sounds). lol. I'm a big chicken. I haven't tried the tofu yet. I will try it Monday. Really. And, I'll promise to update so I'll actually do it! But, I will also have a backup in case I hate it. Food experimenting makes me a little nervous!

So, I have a topic that I wanted to talk about. It's something no one likes to discuss, but one I don't want anyone else to worry about again.
Rubbing. Specifically, the thighs rubbing together. I have jeans that I've had to throw away due to wearing out between the thighs. It's embarassing, and something I never wanted to talk about. What's worse? Thighs rubbing while wearing a skirt.

Even if you are not a great amount over weight, if you aren’t a stick figure you’ve probably encountered this. Now, maybe you don’t think about it much. But, when it’s gawd aweful hot there’s issues. Like that the best way to not be sweating your everything off is to wear shorts (so not going to happen, but that’s for another post) or wear a skirt.
But, when you sweat things rub together in not so comforting ways. After a while, the thighs evern get chapped, red and sore. And, what’s up with the itchiness? So not fair.

So, I have stayed away from skirts for the last decade. But, why can't I be girlie too? Then I found a tip from the movie Juno to relieve the problem and be able to wear skirts again. Yes, movies can teach you good things, not only what not to do. I put deoderant on my thighs and no more major problems! (teenage boy does it so that he can run.)

So, if you are having a problem with the thighs chaffing, but want to wear skirts, there is your solution. Cheap, easy, relieving! Deoderant. Who knew? :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tofu - HELP!!

Bought the firm tofu, but haven't had it before (it's an experiment). Do any of you have favorite recipies that taste great so that a omnivore can slowly ease into less meat? If not, I will find a good recipie, but I'm hoping to not make myself gag the first time I try it and forever more hate tofu. (tmi, yeah, I'm all about keeping it real) I'm trying new healthy foods every week and hoping I'll like them!

Monday, June 1, 2009

short and sweet

Busy, busy, busy. I will have limited posting for the next week. Maybe only on Wednesday. I am doing ok. Need to work on exercise a bit more, and am trying to go as organic as possible (which also helps with the eating better issue).
One shower down, 2 weddings, a class to teach every day and exams to go :)

How are you guys? I check into your blogs (if you've posted), but some don't update as fast!