Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Update and awards

I'm doing ok. thanks for all the support! Somehow this week is turning around and things are falling into place for my and the hubby. Kinda nice for a change!

I decided earlier this week that there will always be bad things that can happen, but that doesn't mean I can sit around and mope! So, I started working out again. I didn't want to tell y'all because I didn't want to be the girl who cried exercise :) But, I was a little excited to get off my butt and work! With the break coming up (break for a grad student, hah! But, no formal obligations), I can take some time to get back on track.
Food, now that we'll discuss next week!!

Last, but not least, I have another award :) Fat 2 FAbulous Miz White gave me this one!

I'm learning that sometimes good things happen just when you need them. I don't always feel fabulous (but thanks for saying it anyway Felicia, it helps :), but I know if anything I'm always going to be real about things!

Rules for this one, you say? Well, here they are:

  • Put the logo on your blog
  • Place a link from the person from whom you recieved the award
  • NOminate 7 or more & put the links for their blog!

I apreciate all of you, more than you know! So, I'm going to be a pain in the 'ol butt and nominate y'all :) My regulars are all guys and gals that I apreciate so much for how real you are and how supportive y'all are. So, if you're on my blogroll you're nominated! (yes, that means most of you are nominated again, or get 2 in one week like Felicia:)


Dr. Wifey said...

i need some of your motivations! i have been so blah when it comes to exercise. keep up the good work and congrats on ANOTHER award :0)

MizFit said...

youre motivated and having a good week?



Diana said...

:) No kidding!

Mark said...


Tom Rooney said...

Back in the game is a good thing. Keep up the work and stuff will all workout in the end.