Saturday, August 1, 2009

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I wrote this already...and it got lost to the Internet gods. So, I'll do it again.

There are a couple of things that that me thinking today (hopefully more than a couple :), but two of them I will share with you!).

One: people can be incredibly rude and cruel. Especially on the Internet where they can sit comfortably behind their computers and criticize others anonymously (even if you provide a name, without an email address or blog page it counts as anonymous). What for? What crime was committed? Venting and talking about their personal life and current frustrations on their own blog.

Y'all have been awesome with me. Heaven knows I've deserved a harsh word or a slap on the face with some of my crazy ideas. But, everyone I talk with is very respectful and calmly states their opinions if they don't agree. I like that :) I hope I extend the same courtesy to you. There have been several times that I've read a blog and felt that I couldn't say anything nice so I stopped myself from saying anything at all. Why can't others do the same?

Furthermore, if you don't like the way the blog is changing, STOP READING IT. If you don't like that I'm not focusing on weight loss but trying to get over emotional and binge should stop reading my blog! It's mine and I'll write what I want.

Telling the person they're ridiculous for blogging about different issues as time passes is ignorant and mean. My blog list has changed quite a bit since I've started. If you one day stop reading mine, we don't have to break up. Feel free to go in peace. Now, if we talk on the phone or email, please let me know! Blog reading doesn't have those rules!

**what fueled this? A wonderful writer and blogger (Roni) was attacked and criticized (the first one was an attack, the other 3 or 4 were bashing her) for changing from a weight loss blog to posting about personal struggles and maintaining. They said she had too much going on and too much whining, which I don't think is true. Regardless it was not very necessary or helpful, so what's the friggin' point?

Whew, now that I got that out of the way:)

Two: I read an amazing interview over America's Moral Panic Over Obesity. I don't agree with everything that the dude said about obesity (like I fully support the people that have had weight loss surgery and do think there is a point to is...for some people), but there were some pretty provocative ideas there. And, I think it's a great start. Is there any way to get others to really change their minds and believe the message though? I hope so. Maybe if Oprah bought into it or the Today show. Given that I don't watch tv (only movies and old tv shows with no commercials at the moment), I'll never know if it hits more main stream.


Felicia said...


Sorry to read about what happened to your friend.

I think that the direction your blog is going is perfect because its following your life and the direction its going in. I never understood why it had to be "weight loss" or "not weight loss" in the blogs. When I stopped focusing so much on weight loss I saw who people really where. POOF gone. And the good ones. The really good ones like you were the ones that stayed because it wasn't just to see me struggle with a pound or a work out it was to see how my life was going in all parts of it.

I love your blog but not because of what ever the "topic" its supposed to be about. I love it because its like following your life and maybe even from a great distance being a part of your life to.

Stick with what your doing. Tell your friend the same. Besides lol that's what the delete option is for! Like you said, if you don't like it just stop reading it.

Frankly I find blogs that focus on more that weight loss way more interesting to read. There is so much more out there in life to talk about...

Wont it be sad when we are old to have looked back on our life to see how much time was wasted on trying to lose weight. Especially since when we are old LOL we wont care *grin*.

Ok off on a tangent there but anyways...

Hope your having a WONDERFUL weekend.


Weight Control Help & Strategies said...

I agree why can't people just keep negative thoughts to themselves.

Emmett said...

Nice blog by the way!

Diana said...

Thanks everyone!

I couldn't agree with you more Felicia :)

Diana said...

Funny happened to more than Roni, but she had it the worst. *sigh*

I totally forgot to post the link for that amazing article! I think I got to fired up. Here is the url!

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

Some people seem to .try to find their self worth by bashing others. If you don't like what someone's saying - DON'T READ THEIR BLOG! Sheesh! How hard is that to figure out.
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