Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I realized a couple days ago that our beloved dog doesn't know the word "walk". How sad is that when a dog doesn't know the word that brings joy to all doggies? So, now she's learning it! Every morning we go at least once around our apartment complex, twice if I'm not running late. It's not a big complex (takes @10-15 minutes to go around), it gives me extra motivation to add just a little more movement in my day. And, it's a start. Any improvement is good improvement :)

So, I've been inspired to start a new excercise routine that's more structured, but fun (thanks lasserday). I've been reminded that it should be fun. Who knew :) So, I'm going to shake my jiggly butt and do something dance like...maybe belly dancing. Ok, so shaking more than the jiggly butt....but, hey. Hopefully I can get a good laugh out of it and enjoy myself while exercising.