Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Attaining my goals

So, I've been working (relatively) hard to gain back the control with food. I'm not eating like a skinny (healthy) girl would yet, but I'm making progress. For example, I'm having 2 eggs with cheese for breakfast (instead of a sausage McMuffin meal) and a more normal portion of tortilini with pesto and an orange for lunch (instead of a7" meatball sub with enough fries for 3 people), and then a quesadilla with cheese, beans, jalepenos & light sour cream (instead of nachos, cheese, jalepenos and regular sour cream, then dinner of 1/2 frozen pizza a few hours later) and cereal for a snack (instead of ice cream made for 2). The cereal is the down fall, but I'm doing better. I figure, at this point, that I'm doing better and that's all that matters. If I try to restrict myself too much right now I'll burn out quick. Now, the parenthases accounts for what I remember, but if I was honest with myself I probably had a lot more (like the 10 olives I ate, and the juice I drank, and you see how that goes). I'm a compulsive'll happen that way.

When I look at my long term goals, it seems really overwhelming. But, when I looked at my goals on the side bar ==>, I realized that my goals are not that far off. It helps that I'm being realistic with my weight. I have large bones and hips (hence being 220 and only a size 18). I call them my big momma birthing hips (ironic since me and my husband think we only want 1 kid max, if it happens at all...what a waist of big hips, huh?) with a large span from hip bone to hip bone, not just that I'm bottom heavy like a lot of women. I will never be a size 2 if I'm healthy and living. But, 160 still seemed far away until I broke it down. In just 6 small goals or 3 larger yet still small (20 pound) goals I will be where I want. 20 pounds isn't that far away. If you hear that someone is 20 pounds over weight, don't you think...hey, they don't have to change too much to get there. I do! So, I only have 3 "not so big changes" to go before I hit the big goal :) Piece of, piece of apple? lol