Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Blog

I'm missing some of you! lol. If you're still interested in reading my rambles, please go to:


I will not be posting on this one again.
I hope to see you there, and sorry to be a pain!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Change of address

I'm going to be a pain in the butt now :) I have decided to move my blog...er, to change blogs. The new one will be here: http://dianasjourneythroughlife.blogspot.com/

It will reflect the fact that I'm not out to change my body...I need a total body, mind, soul revamp :) This was already reflected in my posts (so nothing will change besides the url).
I also needed the change as blogger was being a butthead about changing my email address. If I've emailed you I'll let you know the change. I hope to see y'all on the other site!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

End of exams :) and the disillusionment of the niceness of bloggers :(

Qualifying exams just ended today, so maybe (?) my blogging will resume. My brain hurts (I know, brains don't have pain receptors. Try explaining that to my head though :). But, I want to thank you for your support.

Even if I haven't posted, I have kept up with y'all. After all, it probably kept me a little sane(r)!
I posted my support of a blog called we are the real deal before. Recently there has been some contraversy over there like no other I have ever seen on a blog. But, maybe that's because I surround myself with such supportive and inspiring women like most of you reading this post!

Go read it for yourself if you like Jerry Springer shows! Here's the run down if you don't have time or energy for that sort of thing. The creater decided to openly attack a digruntled, rude blogger. While I agree with most of the creator's message in that just because the contributors are thinner and attractive doesn't mean that they can't contribute to the struggles we all face. After all, body image issues and body acceptance is for everyone. However, i don't agree with responding to rude people in such a public mannor with such obvious rudeness/retalliation. And the things she said sounded (although she denies it) like a rant and anger post that you usually want to take back later.
Ok. We're all human and say crappy things. She apologized for part of it, and while I think there was more to apologize for, whatever. I was willing to put that aside, but the commenters remained on a ranting raging bash of the creator that the site is moving from one of potential greatness to one of hate and, as said before, bashing. *sigh*

I guess I wanted to "voice" this concern. I'd love to hear your take on all of this. For one, do you think that comment moderation is necessary? Does one troll hurt the quality of the blog as a whole by upsetting peope? And two, I've never had this problem, but I think I'd just ignore a rude person if I didn't moderate. How about you? Can't we all just support each other????

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Out of order

I will be on temporary hiatus until I am done with qualifying exams (After the 14th) or drop out of school. Whichever comes first. If my brain explodes, I'll have my husband let y'all know.
(I'll still read your blogs...and even comment most of the time)

Monday, August 3, 2009


No, it's not october yet! But, you should be doing breast checks every month. For most women with breast cancer it's how they catch it before it becomes a later stage. Keep in mind that it doesn't have to be a solo event!!  too far? See my post last october! 

Just a friendly reminder :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Recent reads

I wrote this already...and it got lost to the Internet gods. So, I'll do it again.

There are a couple of things that that me thinking today (hopefully more than a couple :), but two of them I will share with you!).

One: people can be incredibly rude and cruel. Especially on the Internet where they can sit comfortably behind their computers and criticize others anonymously (even if you provide a name, without an email address or blog page it counts as anonymous). What for? What crime was committed? Venting and talking about their personal life and current frustrations on their own blog.

Y'all have been awesome with me. Heaven knows I've deserved a harsh word or a slap on the face with some of my crazy ideas. But, everyone I talk with is very respectful and calmly states their opinions if they don't agree. I like that :) I hope I extend the same courtesy to you. There have been several times that I've read a blog and felt that I couldn't say anything nice so I stopped myself from saying anything at all. Why can't others do the same?

Furthermore, if you don't like the way the blog is changing, STOP READING IT. If you don't like that I'm not focusing on weight loss but trying to get over emotional and binge eating...you should stop reading my blog! It's mine and I'll write what I want.

Telling the person they're ridiculous for blogging about different issues as time passes is ignorant and mean. My blog list has changed quite a bit since I've started. If you one day stop reading mine, we don't have to break up. Feel free to go in peace. Now, if we talk on the phone or email, please let me know! Blog reading doesn't have those rules!

**what fueled this? A wonderful writer and blogger (Roni) was attacked and criticized (the first one was an attack, the other 3 or 4 were bashing her) for changing from a weight loss blog to posting about personal struggles and maintaining. They said she had too much going on and too much whining, which I don't think is true. Regardless it was not very necessary or helpful, so what's the friggin' point?

Whew, now that I got that out of the way:)

Two: I read an amazing interview over America's Moral Panic Over Obesity. I don't agree with everything that the dude said about obesity (like I fully support the people that have had weight loss surgery and do think there is a point to is...for some people), but there were some pretty provocative ideas there. And, I think it's a great start. Is there any way to get others to really change their minds and believe the message though? I hope so. Maybe if Oprah bought into it or the Today show. Given that I don't watch tv (only movies and old tv shows with no commercials at the moment), I'll never know if it hits more main stream.

Friday, July 31, 2009


You are stronger than you think you are.