Friday, January 16, 2009

To the cookie gods

Since I got my girlscout cookes today, I've only eaten 3. Please let it remain that way!

P.S., couldn't you have made them taste a little less yummy?


Felicia said...

OH NO! Evil they are pure evil! *sigh* You can do it!! Oh heck what am I saying I would eat the box , be terribly sick ) and then still want another box *sigh*.

Go put them int he freezer!!


Diana said...

I sent them home with the hubby (I'm at school), so I have 5 hours before I have to worry about it again. I could feed them to friends. Oh, wait, that's not being a good friend! LOL. ACK.

I actually think I can have some self control. If I find myself failing, I will put it in the freezer - which I *think* will work for me b/c I don't like things like that frozen! I'll let you know!

Chantelle said...


You'll be happy to know that I still have my Ferrero Rochers here, and haven't eaten them.

You can do it. :)

Dr. Wifey said...

i cannot even buy girl scout cookies because i will eat an entire box in one sitting! oh, they sound so yummy though....

POD said...

Fling them in the trash.
I'm with that other person. I can't buy them.
You must have a girl scout complex. Whatever THAT is. ;-)

JanetM97 said...
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JanetM97 said...

retyping my comment due to spelling error (of Martha's name)

Good luck with the cookies!

Over Christmas I made the Martha Stewart version of the mint GG cookie. They were way too tasty. This a low fat version might exist? :P (kinda doubt it- hard to make something dipped in a bath of chocolate low fat.)

MizFit said...

and? how was the weekend with them?

my husband put his in my TRUNK (err, not mine. my cars) which worked GREAT ---until it didnt and he spent the steelers game pausing and running out to the garage.

Natalia said...

I know you can resist those cookies! :) You are strong! :)

365 Fit said...

In reference to the first post about putting them in the freezer, they taste just as good if not better frozen. Not that I am suggesting you try to find a way to make those delicious pieces of heaven any better. Just remember, we all need an indulgence every now and again.