Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Happy blogaversary to me!
My blog-annaversary is here. It has been an exciting year, with ups and downs of course. As I started to say in the last post, what I have gained the most are all of you. You provide more support and encouragement than I ever hoped to gain. Thank you for you're support. Really, it means everything. I can't possibly predict what the future holds, but I'm looking forward to the next year!

I have a big change happening today. We're getting rid of our home cable and internet. I know. Crazy, crazy talk. It's for financial reasons, but really I think it'll be a great thing for us both. I can get more work done, stop procrastinating with the internet and cable, start doing things that I really want to do but figure I don't have time. If I was honest with myself, I'd say that we watch tv at least 8 hours of the day. INSANE. If not more. And, there is never a time that I'm awake where I don't have the tv on. It's a constant. I do things here and there (like blog, or check my email obsessively. Sometimes work on my lecture), but not as much as I should. Not as much as I need to if I want to have my PhD any time soon. Or at all. It's too easy to veg in front of the tv and forget everything. Well, it won't be as easy any more.

Now, we do have more movies than I care to admitt. You'd be more than shocked. But, for me, movies don't hold the same magick.

So, that's me. I will probably continue with the sparse posting. I plan to keep it up...it's just that hopefully I'll be doing more and dreaming about doing more less often.


Felicia said...

*G A S P* No cable at home? Girl *bowing* you are amazing. I would die a slow death ( or maybe a quick one) with out Cable and Net. I could do with out the TV part of the cable though as we never watch it. Joshua just watches his movies ( which like you we have WAYYYYYYYYYY to many ).

I am so proud of you!!

Please dont poof though ok! I would miss you terribly!


Dr. Wifey said...

Happy Blogaversarry! you will be fine without cable. i went without if for a long time.

Tom Rooney said...

Happy Blogaversary Diana. Good luck with your cable withdrawl. :)

The Happy Runner said...

Happy blogaversary!

That is wild news. How will you blog with no internet??? I'll be so interested to hear how the no internet/no cable works out for you. Good luck!!!!

Crabby McSlacker said...

happy blogiversary!!!!

And what a brave decision to get rid of the internet at home--sometimes I wish I could get away from it; I seem to be addicted.