Friday, April 17, 2009

It's raining and pouring!

We had a weird storm yesterday. I'm from the north...I can handle a lot of weird weather situations. Blizzards, snow (and lots of it), ice, rain, etc. What I have never have really had is hail. Until yesterday. It wasn't large (so I'm told by my TX native hubby), but wow. I was driving home...and thought it was going to crack the windshield. Or go through the roof. Ok, maybe I'm a little over dramatic, but it was LOUD. And, it was only 2" balls of frozen masses falling from the sky. What would the golfball or softball sized ones feel like? I hope I never find out!


Felicia said...

Yuck.. I know we are safe from hail for a while here as I dont have all my baby plants coming yup yet. As soon as they hit the fragile size of 3 inches or so we should get our yearly pounding from hail. Snow. I can handle. Rain. I can handle. But Hail.. nothing good comes from hail.

Have a super day!

Dr. Wifey said...

last year i got caught driving on the interstate during a hail storm. i was scared to death!

Chantelle said...

I love hail.

Ten years ago we had golf ball sized ones and they did a LOT of damage. It's was pretty bad.

I hope you are well. x

Natalia said...

Living in Florida I'm used to hail. The major thing I had to get used to when we moved to upstate NY was the wind. We lived at the top of a hill and would get 50mph gusts! Just because.

Diana said...

We get that too,Natalia. We live in a really windy place. And, there's not a lot of green so we get dust storms. When it's often mud the first few minutes.