Thursday, April 16, 2009


I almost caved. I almost kept my internet. But, thankfully the (*&%$*%) company likes to charge a ton for each item when it's seperate, so I don't have internet at home. Last night and today: talk about weird. I was SURE that I'd have a ton of urgent emails that made me regret ever getting rid of it. Truth? Mostly junk or joke emails. Nothing pressing. No student emergencies. No advisor "you need to read this and get back to me in the next hour" emails. Life was just fine. What is that you say? The world doesn't revolve around me? Whatever! ;) Sheesh, I guess it doesn't!

Keep in mind that I said no inernet at home. There's still school (students and faculty get free inernet), so I will be able to write (like now?!) and check in on y'all. It just will be weekdays am instead of obsessively all day long. And, I'm less likely to procrastinate when I'm working at work. So, life will be great...just hopefully more productive.


Dr. Wifey said...

i have been so busy the past week that I have not checked my emails or used the internet at home at night. (and i don't miss it!)

Natalia said...

Wow! I should do that. I'm so addicted to the internet. Can't even imagine how much time I've (wasted) spent on it!

Mama Bear June said...

Yes, there is much I would get done if we got rid of it. I'm a little envious! :-) We, too, have many, many, many movies!
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