Tuesday, July 22, 2008

HYC check in

I don't have weight to report...I'm on strike against my scale. It's betrayed me enough times ;) Seriously, I want to stop focusing on weight and thinking about it all day. The last time I did weight myself though I hadn't changed. I'm trying to focus on my choices instead. Weigh-ins only make me more neurotic about weight leading to multiple weigh-ins/day, and don't really change my behaviors. Why is that? I suppose it's the nature of the compulsive stuff.

I worked out twice last weekend. I know it's nothing compared to what I was doing (45 min to 1hr 15 min 5x/week), but it's more than I have been doing the past couple of weeks. I apologize, but now is where I admitt I'm a butt head. I hear some of you say that you dont' have much time to even work out. (butt head part) And, I thought that was just an excuse. Turns out, ya, I'm there right now with you. I teach college courses 5 days/ week along with doing research. And all the prep that goes into making a lecture that introduces things to people new to the subject yet still interests the students that think they know it all (because they're graduating). I'm exhausted by the time I get home...and usually have to do work at home as well. But, as I'm getting ahead in my lectures again I'm starting to get more time to be able to work out. Yay! And, I'm trying to be more conscious of what I'm eating.

Last, but certainly not least...I don't want to jinx it, but I'm sleeping again and in a much better mood. I have anxiety that wakes me up (how fun, huh?), but that hasn't been as much the problem lately. I have some undiagnosed neck problems. I get headaches fairly easily and things like masages give me a migrane for 3 days (they can't resist trying to get the knots out). So, I think I was waking up from my neck pain and stuff. But, not for the past 2 nights. I got a new pillow. I don't know if that's really it, but I'll take it! You don't realize how nice sleep is until you don't get it!


Felicia said...

LOL that will show that darn scale!! *grin* Congrats on getting to sleep again. Nothing worse then being tired.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!


Irish Mom said...

I had the same thing a few weeks back, I would stay up until like 2 am, then be up by 7 (when my kids sleep until 9!!). I now force myself to go to bed by 11 and that has been working out better. I find it easier to stay on plan when I have rest!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just need to give the scale a break. Glad you're getting some sleep. I found out the hard way how important that is! Have a great week!

Melzie said...

Sleeping again IS good. I swear, when my sleep gets messed up, I am horrible. I eat worse, I exercise less, and I'm crabby. Best way to bring me back to normal- get my sleep. :)

Mel via HYC

nmburleson said...

You gotta have sleep! I went through a period of only getting 2-4 hours of sleep a night. That was really hard. Good for you on fitting in the exercise. Some is better than none!
Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

those back stabbing scales.... :)

new*me said...

a break from the scale is okay in my book......you know you are on the right path and making the right choices.....so it's just a boring number anyway!