Saturday, July 19, 2008

Woking out

I went shopping today, and I fit into the juniors stuff again :) Yes, it is the 17's, but when I was an 18 I so couldn't even think about squeezing my butt into them. How cool is that! I just have to say that I'm not one of THOSE 30 year old. You know the kind...they compensate their sensitivity about their age by wearing things that are WAY too tight and low cut...thinking they look younger that way. I just love some of their shirts because they don't go down to your thights, and I like low rise pants. Why do they make women's pants go up to your boobs by the way? I know some people like mom jeans, but not quite comfortable for me.

I actually started working out again! I know one day isn't a trend, but it really felt good...I had forgotten how much I liked it. I kind of tricked myself into working out for the whole time, which is just fine by me. I got a new video through blockbuster online. In case you're wondering, it's in Carmen's strip tease series. They make you feel good about yourself, even when you feel overweight and so not sexy. Anyway, I thought it'd be 40 minutes, but it turned out to be 2 different types for a total of 1hour 15. I really had a fun time, even if I probably looked like a goober. Hey, it just means I'll be a more fit goober.


WWSuzi said...

Shopping is good and working out is great! Your on your way :)

amma15 said...

hahaha I totally know what you're talking about, I have in aunt well into her 50s who after losing over 200 lbs likes to dress like she's 21 and let me tell you it's just not flattering!

Working out is addicting, the hardest part is starting the routine!

Irish Mom said...

Congrats on the new size!! What an awesome feeking. I hear ya about dressing too young, I just wish people would dress their size!!

Anonymous said...

ok the WAY TOO TIGHT AND LOW CUT made me laugh in recognition :)

I see a LOT of that where I live and beyond the fact it doesnt, well, WORK it's 100 degrees here and it CAINT BE COMFY!!