Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Push up challange and 4th of July festivities

Push up challenge day 1 was alright. Not bad at all. I didn't do more than required though, but hey...progress takes time! I do the "girl" push-ups. I still need more core training to do the plank ones, but I know I'll get there. It took me working out these past 8 weeks to work my way to girly push ups...and I still need to concentrate to put myself all the way down, but it feels good to even be able to do 11 in oneday! Before you know it I'll be able to keep up with my ex-military husband!! I can't have him the only one fit enough to do these things, now can I :) **

I'm not expecting as great of results next WI, but I'm ok with that. We're traveling to the in-laws house, and a southern mom just doesn't cut back most of the time! She's trying to be healthier too, but her best foods (and the ones my hubby requests from her) are not exactly low calorie. I guess I'll need to make substitutes. No buns on the yummy burgers, one biscuit with jam instead of gravy instead of two, etc. Oh, my tummy is grumbing just thinking about it! I refuse to feel guilty about it...or deprive myself. But, I think I've progressed enough to at least not gain. Wish me luck!

Happy 4th of July!! Our independence and all that we fought for is something to celebrate...I hope you get to enjoy yourselves and have a good time at poolside bbq's and such!

** update: I did day 2...I can't believe I did all those pushups!!! I know 4, 3, 2, 2, & 7 doesn't seem like much, but 18 is a lot for me. Watch, I wont' be able to lift my arms tomorrow. lol. But, I did it! It's corney, but I feel like a champ :)


Anonymous said...

WTG on the push-ups! You are a Champ! I started on Monday & opted to do the regular ones. I could barely do one on Monday, now I have done 2 complete ones. Getting there! Happy 4th to you!