Sunday, July 27, 2008


I know I haven't been posting much lately...that's because there's not much to post losing weight wise. I'm finding it difficult to get back on track. And, various life events keep happening. In leu of being a debbie downer (minus the last post...there was no leu of debbie there) I decided to forgo posting as much. This summer session is almost over though (yay!!), and I will have more time to focus on losing weight and all the fun stuff.

We did clean and re-arrange our appartment today hough. Including cleaning. Let's just say, I haven't come far from undergrad! Wow. But, you know what that means? Free workout :) And, it's all looking better and hopefully should be good for when my dad gets here this week (yay, but bad timing as I'll be super busy) and my surgery. It's hard for me to be excited about things when I have looming duties over my head (like cleaning). But, now it's done.

Oh, but my surgery. I'm getting my tonsils removed in a week and a half and no one is helping me with being worried. In fact, everyone is freaking me out with stories of how painful it will be. Good thing I'll have 2.5 weeks to recover (the doc says 2 weeks is normal to have off of work). MY doc even said that I will feel like death the first few days (at least...if not a week). Man, I think there are some things that should be manditory for kids to have done. I'm not all about useless surgeries, but tonsils are way easier (so I've heard) when you're young. Chicken pox too, but I had that when I was 4.

After my surgery (somewhere at the end of april) I'm going to join the program at my doc's office, so that should be good for me. 6 months (not weeks as I had before monday 8am) of meeting with a councelor once a month, weekly meetings, organized exercise opportunities, etc. Including the once a month fat composition test and calorie expenditure to taylor everything to my body. Needless to say I'm excited. I need the motivation...and I don't have any group challenges to help keep me motivated. But, talking about it makes me want to workout! Maybe I should more often, huh?

So that's me in a nut shell...or at least what I'm willing to talk about with the whole internet (aren't I optimistic ;) I'll try to do an official weigh in on tuesday to see where I am, er, how much I've gained! (I'm not being a downer on that one, just realistic).


Diana Swallow said...

I have heard that adult tonsil surgery isn't that bad. Hopefully you'll be one of the ones who has an easy time of it.

I think that using a 6 week plan at the doctors office is a fabulous way to jumpstart yourself back on the path to better health.

Anonymous said...

i have heard it isn't too bad, too!

also, thanks for hanging around my blog lately, it means a lot to me. i have been around, too, just too scattered to come up with good comments. :)

new*me said...

you will be back on track soon :) My son had his tonsils out at 3 and did great! It's not so bad :) and you get lots of attention :)

Diana said...

It's supposed to be really not bad for kids, but horrible for adults. My doc, my dad, nurses, students, etc. have all told me that it's bad for adults. I'm glad that you lovely folks have heard it's not all that traumatizing. I'm sure I'm being a big baby too..I've only have two proceedures (including no broken bones or anything) my whole life, and they happened in the past 2 years.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Human Microbiome Search Engine said...

You said:
"We did clean and re-arrange our apartment today though. Including cleaning. ... But, you know what that means? Free workout :) "

Good point! As a lazy single man (a widower), I tend to neglect both my exercise and my housekeeping. I need to look at them as a combination, a two-fer that accomplishes both tasks. Thanks for the reminder.