Tuesday, August 5, 2008

HYC update

Update, or lack there of. I am finishing my summer session teaching (yay!). I haven't been good, and my digestive system/stomach is telling me so. So don't feel good. It's ok though, because soon I begin a liquid and mushy food diet (tonsils removed). I stocked up on jello, low fat ice cream (like 130 calories and 3 grams of fat, but oh so yummy. Actually prefer it to the regular kinds), peach snack packs, nutritional shakes (to make sure I get nutrients), etc. Oh, crap....I just realized that the sugar levels of all of these (besides the shakes) are through the roof. It's only for a week or two, so I should be ok, right? Some stuff I did get no sugar added though, so it won't be terrrible. I guess.

Exercise is coming back as soon as I feel better. My fall schedule is ok...at least better for working out...lots of unscheduled time for working on my own, but also I can squeeze in time to work out.

That's it for me.
Updated 8/6 per MizFits questioning :)
I will have MWFSS "off" (never time off in PhD school). So I plan to hit the gym MWF&Sat for at least 45 minutes. 30 of cardio and 15 of weights. It worked well for me in the past, so I figure why not stick to what I can do. If I feel like doing more...I'll do it. If not, 45 minutes will be enough.
I like to do eliptical (no shin splints...yay! also no hip or knee pain either...double yay!). I'm going to give myself a week or two of getting back into exercising, but after that I plan to do interval training. What I've done in the past is: after a 5 minute warm up I would do 1 minute as fast as I could then 1.5 minutes at a slow jog type of pace.


Anonymous said...

Be careful of the sugar, it can sneak up on you! Hoping you're feeling better soon!

Lainie said...

Good luck with the tonsils and the liquid diet. I recently went through the liquid diet thing when I had my braces put on (and I'm going to be a bit limited for a long time still).

MizFit said...

for me my digestive system REBELS at the processed white (my mouth? she loves it :))

whats the plan for fall workout?

did I miss the specifics?

off to search---