Sunday, August 31, 2008

others health, tats, and my health all in one post :)

What a week! It's been exciting, stressful, and sad all at the same time. When I was younger, there were years and years when health issues and family stuff was so minor it was rediculous. Now, it seems like everyone gets sick (chronic and acute, but mostly chronic) around every turn. My mother in law is having more health issues...which if she adds one more I swear the guiness book of world records will be contacting her. Or ripley's believe it or not. And, that's just one person! We've had more people sick and pass away lately (and people we're both realy close too), along with other events that I can't talk about here. I'm started to be more suprised when things don't happen. Is this the joy of being an adult? It was literally 3 years ago when it started. I hit 27 and BOOM. I wouldn't trade my life for anything (I have had some amazingly wonderful things happen too), but sometimes I wish we could have a few years of silence. But, it'd probably come at too big of a cost, wouldn't it? I'm too lucky to complain though, I just needed a moment. On to funner things.

I am 30 and got my first tattoo! It's not little either. Ok, I'll just show you!
It's huge (remember...this is a size 16 woman here), but isn't it gorgeous? Just what I wanted. I've been wanting a tat for about 11 years now, with this specific one in mind for 7 months. I think I was ready :) Next is a froggie tattoo for my mom...they were her favorites. Let me tell you though, the next one won't be on a spot that's quite that sensative, and it won't be that big! Let me just say, it didn't feel like puppy kisses!! (no that's not what I was expecting, but can you imagine how great that'd be? That's assuming you love tats too, huh?)

I am starting my work out routine back up tomorrow! I won't have the morning time like I thought I would be able to (why yes, dr. advisor, I will work whenever you want because I'm your slave ;) ). However, I will have more time on MWFSat so that's still on. I'm starting the 100 push ups again, only instead of plank or even girly I am doing it against a lower counter and I'll work my way up to girly then plank. And, instead of unstructured working out I think I'll try the C25K program. That one is variable though, just because i have hip and shin splint problems (seperate, not together!). I will definately keep you posted on this one!


MargieAnne said...

Hi Sending love as my heart reaches out to you.

I was about 33 before I had to face serious stuff. Then we had 3 years, 5 family deaths, all close to me and all involved cancer, I had a baby and suffered with ME which wasn't diagnosed for years, our family business went to the dogs .... direct result of all the deaths.

Sometimes we have seasons filled with difficult and sad stuff that never seems to end. The important thing is to remember to feel and deal with feelings. There will be many moments of happiness in the middle of this and you will look back on this place where you grew stronger and more compassionate than you already are.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about some of the sorrows of life you're going through. It's really hard to deal with at times. But that is where faith & love pull us through.

Cool tattoo! I have a smaller one & will get another to celebrate 60lbs lost! Right now the area I want it on is JUST TOO BIG!

Mama Bear June said...

I think it's the trials of life that make us the fascinating people we are. ;-) But I could handle none of it without God! My younger sister was widowed at 21yo just 2 months after her wedding, my son has a terminal disease, my mom has muscular dystrophy and my older sister has been in a few car accidents. But through all of this, I am blessed beyond measure and have more than I've ever deserved. God is good.

Your tat is gorgeous, but ouch. I'm too wimpy to endure that. My daughter has been planning hers for years. Now she just needs to make the money.

And how tiny is your waist????
Path to Health

MizFit said...



and happy BACK AT IT day to you!

C25K start?

you can do this and *must* keep us posted (yes...Im kidding. kind of. no MUSTS in our lives :))


Lainie said...

Wow, cool tat. I only have a tiny one on my ankle I got back in college, and that one hurt enough that I'm really impressed at the size and color of yours. Awesome!

nmburleson said...

I really like the tat! I'm too chicken to get one!

Mark Salinas said...

Good job with the workout! :)

MizFit said...

did you see that I responded to your comment yesterday?

it's BARNEY BUTTER and coming in a giveaway!