Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Exercise to lose weight

Ok. (i always say this to calm myself by the way...it's a habit) I read a post a while back by Fat Bridesmaid (here) where she found an article that stated that you need 50 minutes to lose weight. This really outraged me, but I had to think about it a minute to react appropriately. Yes, that's versus innappropriately...like where I call them poopie heads and move on. The article states that to SUSTAIN weight loss this is what people did (at least 50 minutes).

The thing that bugs me is that some people say do any activity, even for a few minutes, and it'll add up. Some people say you need continuous working out for a long time. Some people say that more activity is better, but also that slow and steady is the best for sustaining weight loss. Lose it too quickly and you risk gaining it back quickly as well. And peole wonder why we don't know what to do when we are trying to be good!! Mixed messages are huge...as all of you well know, at least through diets. What do you do when everyone can't agree?

Here's what I was thinking. I take the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Now, I did this before and what happened? My butt firmed and legs were stronger. Doesn't that mean more muscle mass? Doesn't muscle mass = weight loss b/c they burn more calories? You do this consistantly and you get a habit. Habits are good for sustaining, right? Ugh.

The thing is, this number was an average of what people did that were able to sustain weight loss. It doesn't mean you can't with less "effort", but we all want to be those that keep it off once it's off, right? What does that mean about that group though? This is why I hate short articles on research...because they fail to mention the other factors that played into it. Motivation, determination, etc. is what they may be meauring instead.

But, what's the answer? I keep hearing: do what's good for you, but if I knew what was good for me then I wouldn't be here in the first place!!!! It only solidifies that I need more structured help. Maybe it doesn't matter how long as in minutes, just how long as in months!?


nmburleson said...

Boy I'm with you on that. Personally I think that any movement is good! Something is better than nothing. Just like you said by taking the stairs you noticed a difference, right?!

It is all so confusing. One thing they tell us to do today, tomorrow don't do it anymore cuz now it kills us.

I find the whole thing frustrating!!!

Somehow you have to find your grove and do what works for you. Meaning whatever you can fit into your life!

Good Luck!!

Crabby McSlacker said...

This finding doesn't surprise me, as it seems more in line with the "real life" experience of people I've known who've kept it off.

Because anything is better than nothing, a lot of exercise guidelines seem to set the bar low to get people to do anything at all.

Ten minutes here and there is MUCH better than nothing, but for most people, it isn't really enough to lose weight and keep it off. But bottom line, everyone is different. Some people need more than others so we all have to figure out what's best and realistic for our own bodies and lives.

Felicia said...

50 minutes!?!?! Omgosh I am screwed. I am a relatively lazy person. Pretty excited with myself if I walk on the treadmill for 10 mins AND mow the yard in a day lol. I guess I need to either step it up or accept that I wont be losing due to working out lol.

All I know is that its super confusing. Who is right? Moving is moving and I figure the more I move it can only be a good thing right? I dont think that working in the yard is the same as jogging 2 miles but I its something right?

Hope you find an answer! Let me know if you do lol.