Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have been trying to do more intuitive eating and less dieting. I don't think I do well on diets (well, I don't think anyone does, but I really don't). I just begin obsessing about food and being a little, well, crazy. I constantly focus on the foods I'm not "supposed" to have. All.the.friggin.time. Exhausting.

But, I'm finding it hard to intuitively eat too. It's not the intuitive eating program, but it sounds similar in the most important ways. I'm supposed to be relying on myself and listening to my body. Problem? My mind is saying "screw eating healthy, let's eat ice cream!!" And, french fries. And, all the things my body is not craving but my mind is. It's also difficult to try and slow down and take things one step at a time when you have a lot of weight to lose. And, when you're not happy with your body. I go between eating for comfort instead of nutrition and panicking about being too over weight.

It all makes me tempted to diet again. It seems easier. After all, the intuitive type of eating inevidably forces me to come to terms with my emotions and stop hiding them with food. It's much easier to ignore the problems. Except, nothing really gets solved. And, it never works in the long term.

So, I will stick to trying to the trust my body. I just need to give it a chance to tell me what it needs.


Felicia said...

Just be careful for when it *tells* you it wants chocolate! HAHAHA Just kidding. I think its a great idea! If nothing else its worth a shot! Just think *THIS* could be THE WAY!!!

You can do it!! You really can, I just know it!!

You have a wonderful day ok!!

I am dreaming of the vacation you just got home from *sigh* It SNOWED last night. YUP SNOW! *sigh*

Tom Rooney said...

It's almost impossible to listen to your body for food. You have to train your mind to reject those things that make no sense when trying to lose weight, reduce sugar, lay off alcohol and a gazillion other things. Good luck

Welcome back too

MizFit said...

it really is that huh?
when you eat intuitively you have to listen and some days we dont like what we hear----yet is still better than stuffing with food.

have a good weekend.

keep us posted on you.