Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm convinced that my back feeling better after jogging is due to jostling the vertebrae into place again. That or the poor posture I usually have. Or, it could be giving my feet a rest from the suckier shoes that I usually wear. Ok, maybe I don't but I'll keep doing it as long as it feels good. The one problem I'm having lately is that it's been cooler. And, I think that's what my problem was that one day I said my lungs were on fire. So, I'm going to plan to do my videos when it's lower than 70 (I'm a big ol wussy, but hey...that's me!). I haven't been so good at doing things when it's colder - just keep waiting for it to get warmer!

It's clear after this week, and after months of struggling, that I'm not giving the healthier eating a very good shot. I don't know if I'm ready to give up my crutch. I recognize when I'm getting full, but it just seems to impossible that I can really be full with that little food. I guess I have some mind adjusting to do. So, that's my goal. To recognize when I'm comfortable (not full, full) and stop then. If I need more a short time later, I'll eat the rest of what's on my plate.

Now that I'm thinking about it..I may just take the small plate instead of a large one to "trick" myself and not feel like I have to finish the huge mound that's on the big one!


Mama Bear June said...

Using a smaller plate is a great idea. It's one of the things recommended in the Flat Belly Diet. :-) Keep making healthy choices!
Path to Health

The Happy Runner said...

I'm with you on the small plate. I think it helps trick the eye. I use a small ramekin when I have ice cream for dessert -- I fill it up and it seems like more than it is!

Dr. Wifey said...

i have to use a small plate because i have that "clean the plate" mentality

Felicia said...

ok I could have sworn I clicked publish and noooooo I didnt and lost my whole reply GRRR

Basically it said that we do that. We use dessert sized dishes. If you want more you can always go back for more. But I make it a bit more challenging here because after I fill up the plates I put all the food right away. This way if anyone wants more lol they have to work for it.

I think we were all raised with the clean plate thinking. I mean I cant tell you how many times I remeber my Mom telling us kids to clean our plates. Wish it had been clean the left over's into the trash club instead.

I have worked really hard so that J wont have that thinking. He almost never cleans his plate completely and stops when full. WHEW I hope it keeps going this way lol.

Have a good one!

Mark Salinas said...

I agree!Great idea! :)

MizFit said...

how was the week, Woman?

weekend plans?