Friday, March 27, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Yes, I know I live in TX, but where I live it does snow here. It's not common, but one year we even had about 4 inches on the ground. Never mind that it cleared up the next day, but we still got it. The funny thing is that we havent had snow all year. That is, until today. Now, it's not bad (I'd show pictures, but my camera is at home and I won't be home until @ 9 tonight), but it just so happens to coincide with people visiting to join our graduate program. The one full day they're here and it's cold and snowing for the first time this season. I think it's supposed to go back to 70-80's Sunday. Go figure. It's the curse of visit day.


Felicia said...

Ok first I have to do this "HAHAHAHAHHA" only because well its usually always ME getting the darn snow.

But I am sorry that it had to come when you had people there. That bites. Hope the visit still is/went well.

Have a SUPER wonderful weekend! Its sunny today!! ( for a little while anyways lol)


Dr. Wifey said...

snow? in TX? LOL i remember when my SIL was living in your area and it snowed.

The Happy Runner said...

Holy moley! Snow?!?! You HAVE to post pictures!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I still get a bit excited by snow, having grown up in California. I think spending a little more time on the East coast may cure me of that.

Too bad about the timing for your rare snowfall though!