Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HYC update

I've been back a day. Costa rica was gorgeous. I would go back in a heartbeat, but I think our next big trip will be a cruise or to Brazil. My SIL is marrying a Brazilian and I'm so excited for her. She offered to go with us either on a cruise or to see Brazil, but not for a little while. It'd be nice to see the country from an insider's point of view.
But, I'm warning you out there - you don't know a person until you live or travel with them. A good friend of mine is no longer a friend because of this trip and it's too bad. But, life is too short to waste time with people that try to make you feel bad all the time. Why is it that when people are miserable they try to make you feel that way? I guess I'll never really know, but at least I can work to make my life more peaceful and less polluted.

In other news (and, yes, to change the subject)...we borrowed his parents food dehydrator!! I'm so excited, as you can tell by all the !!! :) They gave us a dehydrator cookbook, so we're going to try out a few things - I love banana chips and of course home made beef jerky. Yummy. But, do any of you still use one? What do you like to make with it? I think they went out of fashion a while ago, but I don't care. It's another way to have heathier options.


Dr. Wifey said...

oh, i wish i could visit costa rica! maybe one day :) too bad about your "friend" but it is best that you realized that he/she was not good for you. i so want a dehydrator! i would make beef jerky all the time. we had one many years ago, but i have no idea what happened to it

Mark Salinas said...

Welcome back! I have yet to visit Costa Rica! looked beautiful!

Mama Bear June said...

Your vacation photos are awesome! Looks like a gorgeous place. Sorry about the friend, but you are right, you can choose to make your life more peaceful.
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