Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow, part 2.

Visit day was good. Even though it wasn't snowing a lot, it was windy (we get up to 40-50 mph winds with our windy days) and cold (I believe 30's).

I've never used video here, so if it works it'll be a miracle! lol. But, here is an idea of the snow fall. My hubby is trying our baby girl (aka dog) to go potty. The wnow is gone now...that's the joy of TX.
Forgive the shaky camera hubby was using our camera, not the video camera.

You would never guess that she was born, bred and raised as a TX girl. She sure loves the snow! Maybe it's her German roots? ;)


Dr. Wifey said...

how cute! that snow has her all frisky!

Felicia said...

ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOO Now THAT is funny!! "I cant go potty Daddy have you seen this funky white stuff?" ROFLMAOOO Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the snow! *evil grin*


The Happy Runner said...

That's great!!!

MizFit said...