Monday, March 30, 2009

Food, food and more food!

I've been thinking of what Dr. J had to say about listening to your body. That you need to cut out sugar and all the bad can't just magically expect it to happen. I think he has a good point. And, that's probably something I didn't emphasize. This is where my plans diverge from the intuitive eating plans I've heard about (disclaimer...never read anything else about intuitive eating besides what I hear from y'all. Not saying it doesn't work. Just never tried).

It's not that I'm saying that I'll eat whatever I want and expect to eat better. What I'm trying is eating the "better", cleaner, healthier foods and seeing how I feel and what my body craves. I know that after trying it out that it's what my body will want. I just need to rely on it and trust it. How does this sound different from a "diet" or a food plan, I'm leaving myself open so that I don't feel like I'm denying myself of things. If I want pasta, I'm going to have it. No ifs, ands or butts about it. If I want "bad" foods, I'll have them. But, I'm trying to make a conscious effort to chose things that are good for me and really seeing what happens to my body as I do them. It's an experimental approach...really paying attention to how you feel before and after eating. No zoning out.

It's going to sound dumb to some people, but the thing I'd have the hardest time giving up that I know I really need to is coffee in the am. Afternoon sodas too. I've done it before - loved it - but I have an easier time getting the work done that needs to be done when I have the bad legal drug. What I don't like are the heart palpitations that come with it.

So, my first goal this week is to have less caffeine. It's not that I have that much, but the am one really gets me going. I will also plan to eat more fish and chicken, less red meats and definitely less processed meats (i.e., hot dogs and brats). But, the caffeine is the focus of the week.


Mark said...

Great goal! I think it is important to set goals one at a time. When I set too many It tends to be much more challenging. I look forward to your journey updates! :)

Felicia said...

Give. Up. Coffee? *GASP* OK See I was alllll for supporting you right till that moment in your post. Can you at least just change to decaf? I mean we wouldnt want to give up all wonderfulness would we? LOL

Soda on the other hand can go bye bye. I havent had soda since January of 2004 and don't miss it at all. Try the Sam's Choice waters at Walmart for something fizzy. SO GOOD. I cant drink them anymore but they really helped me kick the soda habit.

Seriously though I support you 100%. I know you can do it!!


Diana said...

OH, goodness...there's no giving up coffee all together!! Switching to decaf very slowly (1/2 caf to about 1/4 to decaf). My brain would probably explode if I didn't have something like that. lol.

Natalia said...

Hey Diana! I'm trying to focus on healthier foods too. It's hard to listen to my body, sometimes I'm not sure what I/it wants! It's all trial and error!

MizFit said...

yay! uh, except for the coffee :)
I keep that bigolevice as I think Id rebel if I took it away.
it can be HALF CAFF for me---but I love my coffee.

how was yesterdays clean eating?

Sheryl said...

Great goals, they say you can eat anything in moderation.

Mama Bear June said...

I had to give up caffeine. It aggravates my fibrous cystic disease in my breasts. I'd rather NOT have coffee than get those huge cysts aspirated all the time! So not fun! :-P But I do love going down the coffee aisle at the supermarket and breathing deeply! LOL

I was trying the intuitive thing and basically plateaued for about 2 years. It took specific planning for me and it helped a lot to have those specifics laid out for me. I eat nuts and chocolate every day and never feel deprived.

For getting work done - you'd be surprised at how energetic you can feel with no caffeine, but lots of good protein! ;-)

Good luck with your goals for the week! One step at a time.
Path to Health

MizFit said...

ok woman.
Im checking in as Im drinking my ALL DECAF this morning.

hows the caffeine stuff going?
the food?