Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Update

Have you ever noticed that one crabby, crappy person can derail your good mood in a heartbeat? Maybe I'm just a little more sensative than the rest, but I just had that. Not to say that I was in a great mood, but after an encounter with a confrontational cranky person that thinks he's cooler than he is I've found myself irritated and cranky myself. Really, it's fine to say something if someone's annoying you, but to be so agressive is unnecessary. Why are people such jerks? I just got a reminder of why I don't hang out with people in the department.

Ok, enough venting.

Weekend: the hubby works all weekend except for tonight, so a couple friends are going out with us to play pool. Now, I'm terrible at it, but it's something to do and I usually have a good time with it.

We are one week away from our trip. Did I tell you guys about it? We're going to Costa Rica for spring break! How exciting, right? The wind has been out of my sails for a little while now. (probably the real reason that I let the jerk above get to me) I'm hoping that I can get recharged and find my spunk again. Being on the beach for a week should help with that!


Felicia said...

I wanna go I wanna go! When are you picking me up?? LOL Ok so I wish..

And YES I know how it is to have someone totally screw with your mood. Its been a week of that here. Emotional drama I call it lol. I want to be like those people ( 99% of the population) that doesnt care. *sigh*

Anyways hope you have a SUPER awesome weekend. Have fun playing pool!


Mark said...

Have a fantastic weekend! :)

Dr. Wifey said...

i am so jealous that you are going to costa rica! that is awesome! i love playing pool. i'm not very good at it, but hubby and i like to play together :) have a great weekend!

Tom Rooney said...

Have a wonderful time Diana

The Happy Runner said...

Hope you had a good weekend! I'm jealous that you are going to CR!!! I would love to go there someday. You better take pics to post!

Natalia said...

Diana, Costa Rica! Wow hope that you have a great time. I try, try, not to take it personal when crabby people come at me. But it's hard and depending on my mood sometimes I can and other times I take it personal. Let it roll off your back and enjoy planning and getting ready for your trip. Hope you enjoyed your weekend! :)