Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm not doing the greatest with the no sweets after dinner thing. My friend brought over cup cakes. That's ok, cause I did it to her the other day. I should be able to just say no, right? Well, I'm going to get rid of them and stick to smoothies and unsweetened apple sauce. Maybe some dark chocolate, because antioxidents can't be bad, right? :)

Now, maybe this is a moot point, given that I eat worse foods than this, but I totally don't *get* why people are down with eggs. I understand that they need to be cooked properly. I understand that there is cholesterol. But, I had been under the impression that researchers and doctors think they're good for you, or at least that with moderation (and if you don't have cholesteral problems already) that the good out weight the bad. Apparently, not for everybody. I want to know why! Why are they so bad. Why are they not natural. What's the big deal? If you know or know where to point me to, I would love an answer.

Why is this a moot point? Because I'm trying to give things up like cupcakes and pizza. I think that given my current diet, it's a better alternative. But, I would love to know....why all the arguing and conflicting information?


Dr. Wifey said...

i love eggs! they are an excellent source of protein (ok, i was going to say EGGSellent). sometimes i use eggbeaters or just use egg whites for less fat and fewer calories.

Diana said...

LOL. EGGSellent.

I eat the full flavor kind. Don't care about the fat content. Figure it's better than the alternatives I've been having!

Felicia said...

Eggs are a staple in our household. I have the BEST egg cooker. LOVE IT! We keep them in the frig at all times. AWESOME source of protein. I guess if you are eating them by the dozen it might not be so good but 'eh who sits and eats a dozen at a time lol.