Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Operation Beautiful

Once again I've forgotten my original blog post meant to write today and found myself thinking about one of Miz Fit's topics. On the off chance that I have one single reader that doesn't know the awesomeness of Miz Fit, then I think you should go to her site. She's talking about Operation beautiful. Have you heard about it already? Where one woman wants it to be all of our missions to pass on something nice for a stranger. It's about helping people realize their beautiful and quiting the negative self talk. Simply brilliant. Totally got tears...especially the message "You are enough!" Why do we struggle with these things? Isn't it about time we stopped?

Here's Miz Fit's site

Operation Beautiful

Operation Beautiful Movie


Dr. Wifey said...

such a wonderful idea!
p.s. you are beautiful :)

Felicia said...

Well I think your BEAUTIFUL! And since what I think is the most important thing then you just have to agree with me ya hear! LOL

Hope your having a wonderful week. MY HOUSE IS TRYING TO KILL ME! Throw me a rope would ya!!