Friday, June 5, 2009


Bawk....Bawk Bawk bawk bawgack!! (or however a chicken sounds). lol. I'm a big chicken. I haven't tried the tofu yet. I will try it Monday. Really. And, I'll promise to update so I'll actually do it! But, I will also have a backup in case I hate it. Food experimenting makes me a little nervous!

So, I have a topic that I wanted to talk about. It's something no one likes to discuss, but one I don't want anyone else to worry about again.
Rubbing. Specifically, the thighs rubbing together. I have jeans that I've had to throw away due to wearing out between the thighs. It's embarassing, and something I never wanted to talk about. What's worse? Thighs rubbing while wearing a skirt.

Even if you are not a great amount over weight, if you aren’t a stick figure you’ve probably encountered this. Now, maybe you don’t think about it much. But, when it’s gawd aweful hot there’s issues. Like that the best way to not be sweating your everything off is to wear shorts (so not going to happen, but that’s for another post) or wear a skirt.
But, when you sweat things rub together in not so comforting ways. After a while, the thighs evern get chapped, red and sore. And, what’s up with the itchiness? So not fair.

So, I have stayed away from skirts for the last decade. But, why can't I be girlie too? Then I found a tip from the movie Juno to relieve the problem and be able to wear skirts again. Yes, movies can teach you good things, not only what not to do. I put deoderant on my thighs and no more major problems! (teenage boy does it so that he can run.)

So, if you are having a problem with the thighs chaffing, but want to wear skirts, there is your solution. Cheap, easy, relieving! Deoderant. Who knew? :)


Dr. Wifey said...

LOL yes indeedy, i have had this problem. didn't know deodorant helped, so thanks for that tip!

Felicia said...

I just choose not to do things that make me sweat and rub HAHAHA. Ok but still I like your tip. TMI maybe *grin* but a good one! Now show us that picture of your "girlie" outfit!


Diana said...

If y'all read this, there is a product called Body Glide that is supposed to work for it too. Who knew about this stuff.

The Happy Runner said...

Who knew is right! I've used body glide for various areas on long runs, but never tried deodorant. Great tip!