Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tofu - HELP!!

Bought the firm tofu, but haven't had it before (it's an experiment). Do any of you have favorite recipies that taste great so that a omnivore can slowly ease into less meat? If not, I will find a good recipie, but I'm hoping to not make myself gag the first time I try it and forever more hate tofu. (tmi, yeah, I'm all about keeping it real) I'm trying new healthy foods every week and hoping I'll like them!


Mama Bear June said...

I eat very little meat and don't really do tofu except in the Amy's organic frozen meals. It's OK, but I'd rather get my protein from black beans or lentils. I like the Amy's soups. Sorry I couldn't help more with recipes.
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Felicia said...

The only way I really eat it is "fried" ok so its not fried but thats how it comes out. I take the firm tofu and drain it on towels really good ( if you can weight it that helps a lot) then I cut it in what ever shape I like (usually fry shape) and then put it in a little soy sauce just to coat ( I dont let it soak in the soy or its super salty). Then if you have an egg you can "bread" it with that but usually then I just put it in a pan with a little olive oil and "fry" it till its crispy on the out side ( oh and only like a table spoon of olive oil). Then I just eat it lol. Probably not to most peoples liking but I like it.

I would just do a search for recipes for it and try till you like =0)

Good luck!

carla said...

I cant help much beyond gooooogling either.
BUT FEEL FREE to make this comment at my blog (if you want) today and Ill bold it for you!

Felicia said...

Ok so how did the Tofu deal go?? Inquiring minds wanna know! LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana, just found your blog and have the same problem with tofu. Apparently freezing it first and defrosting thoroughly makes it 'meatier'. Try this link http://www.recipezaar.com/Marinated-Tofu-for-Meat-Eaters-Who-Hate-Tofu-133469. It sounds complicated but if it works so worth it. Anne

justjuliebean said...

I drain and press it, let it come to room temp, cut it into little squares and fry it. When it's lightly browned, I pour off any oil still in pan, add tamari (soy sauce) and mix it in for 30 seconds. Yummy! Some people put nutritional yeast on it at this point and claim it tastes like chicken skin, but I don't do that.

If you don't want to deep fry, it can be used cooked plain into a curry. My sister makes it into "cheese" and uses it in cannelloni, but I don't know how to do that.