Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sickness and bread, not together

I have been sick. Sick to my stomache...literally :( Don't know if it was food poisoning (my guess) or a bug or an infection...and yes I went to the doc. He took blood to make sure I was not having pancreatitis or apendicitis. Nope. Just couldn't hold anything any way you look at it. Ick. To top it off, my very good friends got married yesterday and we weren't able to go because I was sick. Suckaroo. Very good friends as in we were at one point scheduled to be a bridesmaid and groomsman. (long story as to why we had decided not to). I can only hope they understand. *sigh* Who'd rather be stuck in bed all day and praying to porcelin gods than go see their best friends get married. Can you tell I feel guilty? How I could have forseen or prevented it I have no idea. But, somehow a 6-7 hour car ride doing unmentionable things seemed like a bad plan.

On a lighter note: I did make the bread before said sickness happened. It's good! 7 hours from start to finish, but still was eatible and that's what it's all about! And I have pics :) It's a whole wheat sour dough bread. Not bad for whole wheat!

See..I even took the pic with a bite out of a piece to show it is eatible! lol. Really, I just forgot to take one pre bite.
The white is flour. Next time it will be prettier :)


Dr. Wifey said...

the bread looks great!

sorry you were sick and missed your friends' wedding. hopefully they will understand. feel better!!!!

Crazylady said...

So sorry to hear you aren't well and missed your friends wedding. I understand though because I've been sick myself today and yesterday. Food poisoning in my case I reckon and ick indeed!! I've eaten nothing but dried crackers today and feel so weak and tired. Anyway hope you feel better real soon and your bread looks fab even in my queasy state! :)

Mama Bear June said...

I'm so sorry you got sick and missed the wedding. As you know, I can definitely empathize with the stomach bugs. So not fun! Don't feel guilty, unless you went out and deliberately ate salmonella. ;-)
Path to Health

Actual Scale said...

Sorry about the stomache bug & having to miss the wedding. What a bummer!

The bread looks great! I've recently been tring my hand at breads, too. It is tougher (for me) than they make it look on the cooking shows! lol
I did made some great whole wheat hamburger busn that were pretty easy. The recipe was from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures & they were called 40 minutes buns (or something like that) in case you're interested!