Thursday, June 25, 2009


I think we're getting a puppy!! :) Can you tell I'm a *little* excited? OK, I'm about to wet my pants I'm so excited, but I thought that might be tmi ;) LOL. Not a puppy, puppy, but a @5-6 month old! She's a little bull terrior/weiner dog (?) mix. The (?) is because the current foster mom doesn't know. But, she looks like a miniature spuds mckenzie (more spots though) only without the "fat" nose, more of a narrow (weiner dog or fox teriror) nose. Cutie. And, we meet her tomorrow, so cross your fingers that it all works out!

How does this relate to health? Puppies need exercise! lol. Especially 2 most of you know, we already have the one (miniature schnauzer).

Besides, mental health is important too...and your doggie breaking your heart every time she sees another dog is no good. Literally gets on her hind leggs at the end of her leash and cries to play...unless I catch her early, then she just whines and gives me the saddest little face. Mopes after visiting the in-laws and their dogs. So sad/pathetic. Almost as sad/pathetic as I am when I see other doggies. Not anymore though :)


Mama Bear June said...

Awwww, good luck with the puppy! Hope it fits well into your family.
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Dr. Wifey said...

YAY!! when we adopted our dogs, we made decided to get 2 so they would always have a playmate. i want a picture!

Diana said...

I'll definitely be posting if we end up getting her today! Either way, there are many doggies that need homes. Never realized all the freebies they post on craigslist!

The Happy Runner said...

Yay -- good luck!!!

Crazylady said...

That's fab news!! I just love dogs and especially puppies! We just have the one dog.... she's a bit mental and territorial so getting another dog isn't really an option at this stage. Besides she's quite the handful on her own. She is also a fab exercise buddy and will not give me peace until she gets her walk which is great for the both of us. :) Can't wait to see pics!!