Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New plan of action

I've been resting. Rest assured that the last email wasn't intended for plans while I was recovering...I just need to plan out what I wan to do ahead of time so that I don't fall into traps.

I am down to @ 203-205 in actual weight (my scale was subtracting 5 pounds and although I'd love that it's real). I was down to 198, but that was after my digestive system being messed up. Granted it's my tom, but hey...I'd be happy with 205 right now. 5 pounds from the 190's feels do-able.

Ok, to my plan. I am doing a version of lower carbs. Lots of veggies, salads, fruit and leaner meats. I will probably do a meal replacement in the am since I don't get hungry till @9, and on Tuesdays I have to eat at 10:30 in order to make it through my grueling 6 hours of classes starting at 11am without more than a 10 minute break to walk to the next class across campus. Ugh. But, if I have a meal replacement @ 7, then eat lunch at 10:30 with a snack in the middle. It should be ok. We'll se how that works out! Anyway, so I'm trying to cut out useless carbs for 2 reasons. 1: they're bad. Ice cream and donuts taste good, but we all know what it does to the waist lines. 2: right now they taste gross. I still have healing on my tonsils and it coats my throat (to be gross) and it makes carbs like pasta and a lot of breads taste gross. However, I refuse to give up any fruits or veggies because they have sugars. We need sugar to some extent! Don't worry. I don't plan on denying. If I really want it then I'll do it (I can't give up ice cream forever...that's impossible!). But, I don't think I need it right now.

Exercise. I said this before, but I need to reiterate it to myself. Starting September (I need to slowing work my way in) I will exercise M, W, F and Sat. I plan to do 30+ minutes of eliptical (either at a jogging pace or intervals) then @ 15 minutes of minor weight lifting. If not the combo, then I'll do a calesthenic like video + aerobic to make @ 45-1:15 of working out. It's what I really was into before, so why not do what works!

Anyway, I'm excited to start everything up again. I'm back with a plan of action and it's going to rock! ok, that may be overstating it just a little, but I will start feeling better and that's the goal right now.


Anonymous said...

and that is SO KEY!
that you are looking forward to this.
anticipating the EXERCISE!

counting the days...