Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The randomness of food

You know when someone is doing a big shift in food (presumably when they're eating better?) when they have a ton (literally) of questions.

Random question # 1 :) Why is everyone getting greek yogurt. Is there something special about it? Why not natural or just organic yogurt?

2: PB2...still a good thing? Anyone try it (I know you have MizFit:)? The problem with stuff like this is that I would probably have to order it, so shipping is a -itch. I will try to find it in the hole (not whole...who'd have thunk that I write academic papers!) that is my town though.

3: I tried natural peanut butter and didn't like it (sugar and processing addicts are the worst, aren't they). Does almond butter have any of the gritty consistancy like that? Anyone know?

Geesh, huh? They never end, do they? :) I suppose I should suck up the money and just try it already, but around here the almond butter is $10. My health is worth it, it's just that if I hate it then I'm out a larger chunk.

I got some good suggestions about food on the lovely MizFit's site. One lady said to put either ham and cheese or fetta and spinach (can't remember which...I did both :) into a metal cupcake tin holder and add an egg mix (I just did egg with some seasoning and a little milk? was I wrong?) and bake it @350. When I took it out of the oven they were nice and puffy. After sitting for 15 minutes they were flat :( This is why I don't cook, but since they tasted good I figured they'd be alright.

I grew up on processed foods (or meat and potatos)...and the MIL is a very southern cook. Ah, I guess I just need a little help. I'm thinking of going to couples cooking or some class like that...but I can't seem to find my free time. If anyone finds it, please send it back to me!!!


MizFit said...

I LOOOOVE the PB2 (and I, too, am in TX) but dont trust me as Ive been known to forkouttheCASH for things which make healthy eating easier....


Mark Salinas said...

Very nice..I like it! :)

Dr. Wifey said...

ok, i have never heard of PB2, but i must try it!

as for natural PB, the consistency doesn't bother me, just the fact that it is not as sweet as regular PB. so i sprinkle a little Splenda on mine :)

nmburleson said...

Ok I have tried Greek Yogurt and I LOVE it! They strain it so it's not so watery. It's very creamy. YUM!

I don't know what a PB2 is? I would also like to know if Almond Butter is any good!

Diana's Body Journey said...

NMBurleson - PB2 is a powder peanut butter. YOu can add it to various things, like yogurt (I think it'd be good this way) or oatmeal or anything really. I found both of them at MizFit's place (gotta love her suggestions!)...but, I had heard of almond butter before. Just never tried it. I know a lot of people now that swear by almond butter, but I'm a big chicken. I'll let you know about it!