Thursday, November 6, 2008

All About me

Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim posted her version of questions that are asked to various people in her local (or not so local...her favorite?) newspaper...and I decided to play along :)

I am obsessed with: trying to eat healthier. Suceeding? That's a different story!

Cant live without: my husband and beautiful doggie! They keep me sane(r).

Am petrified of: losing my husband or doggie! I'm getting better with every month that passes (as we get farther away from me losing my mom) should've seen me after the first few months...crazy train about losing them. (anything else pales in comparison of losing my hubby)

Am proud of: how far I've come since high school! I've come out of my shell much more, along with gaining self efficacy - I have problems feeling like I can do things or that I'm worthy, but I'm changing that! And, I never would have guessed i would have been a school addict...would've told you that you were crazy!

Really need to: spend less time watching tv and more quality time for me and me and my hubby!

Don't get why: I can't have a money tree. Really. They should exist.

Think alternative medicine is: a good idea, and I want to believe in it. Let's just say I believe in it as much as I do regular medicine.

Relax by: vegging out or playing video games. But, I'm trying switch to doing things that are mentally better for me like painting and playing the guitar (poorly)!

Am excited about: the possibilities for the future! There are many places we may go and do, but it's exciting to talk about it and dream about what the future holds!

My worst vice is: fried foods. YUMMY. French fries, or homemade chicken fried steak. If it's salty and fried I adore it.

Fridge usually contains: too much! But, always fixings for quesadillas and bread pizza (slice of bread with pizza sauce, 2% cheese and pepperoni).

Family is: what always comes first! Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Friends don't understand why: I stress so much! I'm wound a little tight and need to work on being in my zen place. I should have put I'm working on being in my zen place above!

Attitude to exercise is: that it's something I need to do, and something I am working towards liking again.

Relationship with my body: becoming better. It helps that my hubby tells me he loves my body the way it is! (and he doesn't sugar coat things...makes me feel like it's worth celebrating).

Tagging time! So, it's your turn! I would love for y'all to do it, but I think that dr. wifey, Lainie, and nmburleson are the most likely to do this. Don't consider yourself left out if I didn't mention you though! Also, don't feel obligated because I want you to :) Just post a comment if you do!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that money tree! Mine would have fried foods on the lower branches! LOL!

Diana said...

LOL. :) Big ol' french fries for me! That were zero calories, full of vitamines, and yet the same yummy taste. Ah, dreaming is good, isn't it?

Dr. Wifey said...

awesome! thanks for tagging me...i will definitely do it and get it posted soon

Chantelle said...

Lovely Diana. Thanks for doing this. I've enjoyed hearing all about you. x

The Happy Runner said...

I love dadivastreet's tree idea!
Fried foods are just too good and too bad. Thanks for sharing!

Mizz White said...

I too am digging the money tree idea, but I would totally have 100's and higher bills growing out of mine!

Charlie Hills said...

Frying things in oil is about the only thing I've seen that truly separates us from the animals.

amma15 said...

Yayyy for optimism!

Oh and I LOVE french fries!