Friday, November 7, 2008

Quesitoning and more questioning...get to the answers already!!

I've been questioning my behavior lately (ok, always, but especially lately with eating and exercise). I just keep wondering: how can we keep explaining things away (by entitlement mostly) and not work on my goals? How can we, seriously, not realize the dammage that we're doing (e.g., eating bad foods and too much) until it's already been done? Why don't we notice earlier? What's stopping me from achieveing my goals...afterall this barrior I have was created by me! And, while we're going there, why can't I will myself healthier? :)

The thing is, questioning is helpful but if that's all that is happening then we're getting no where! And it's exhausting. And, no progress is being made! I can question all I want, but at some point I have to "do" rather than question.

Other issue: I don't know to achieve balance. How can I be lenient on myself without being so lax that nothing happens? I don't know that I know how to allow myself to not have guilt and still stick to a healthy eating program! How sad is that? My only mechanism is guilt and I don't know how to be my own cheerleader sucessfully. Guilt is a natural thing I go to, yet we've seen that it totally doesn't work. What can I do in place of this? How can I "make" myself adhere to a healthy lifestyle without guilt and punishment on my part? I can talk, analyze, and question things until I'm blue in the face...but it doesn't lead to anything happening (too bad - that's the part I'm really good at).

I have a plan. What's my plan? Just do it :) Duh, huh? Nike had it all along. Also, I have a card that I signed that represents my committment to being healthier. I put this in my wallet so that every time I try to pull out money to pay for bad foods I need to look at it and recognize it's there! Maybe it's not enough for me to say my goals (like I did tuesday), I need a physical reminder to actually do them! I think I also need a note in my office and on my fridge at home saying "does tuna fish sound good? Then don't eat!!!" (Thanks MizFit!) If I don't actually do the advice that's given to me and that I want to do, then no wonder I'm not succeeding!


The Happy Runner said...

Man, oh, man, I wish someone had all the answers! It's hard, isn't it? I know how you feel about the struggle. Sometimes I'm way too lax with myself and then, before I know it, I've consumed an entire bag of jelly beans. Or a dozen snack-size boxes of Nerds. Just gross.

When I'm too strict, though, it is just as bad. One thing that works for me is running in races. After a race, I feel so happy and proud of myself that I usually treat my body better (read: more healthily). Since you are walking, maybe you could sign up for some community walks? We have a ton of those by me (although, come to think of it, not many once the weather gets crummy). Just a thought.

I like the card idea. That's smart!

Chantelle said...

I know how you feel. How can we want something (to be thinner/healthier) so badly yet still be the only obstacle to getting it?

My problem was/is that I have read so many diets that I now place that awful feeling of guilt and failure with too many foods.

I eat a piece of bread and feel guilty and disgusting. Oh well. I've failed. Again.

But now I have the diet from the dietitian I can eat those foods I like and know it's okay. I haven't failed. And it works.

Anyways, what a ramble. Don't be hard on yourself. xx

P.s. I am happy to email you the diet if you like? It's right up your alley - a balanced diet with real, whole foods. Just a thought. No pressure. xx

Diana said...

would love it, chantelle. I will try to email you!

WeightingGame said...

ooh - i like that idea of keeping a positive reminder card in my wallet - nice :-)

Felicia said...

Just Do It! I like that idea!! Works with so many things for so many things!! I think you are "just doing it" just fine!! And if you happen to find all the answers besure to share lol

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

amma15 said...

Balance is my secret to success thus far but it was a difficult thing to come to and I'll be honest, I can't stay I'm stable in it. It's a mindset, and I find myself fluctuating to diet mindset or "I'm so fat" mindset sometimes.

You just have to remember that the strawberry cheesecake isn't going to diseappear off'll still be there tomorrow and it'll be acessible next week as well for my consumption if that's what I that I have that assurance do I really want it now? Usually it's no especially when

amma15 said...

I already had a treat that day...and that's my balance