Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I was reluctant to post something this time, as I have had several events (some that I talked abut, but others I will need to keep quiet) that have shaken me to the core. But, I will post my goals. HYC is not just for when times are good, but also for when times are bad. Even more helpful in these times.

I need a total body, mind, soul focus this week. Thanksgiving week should be good for that! The hubby and I are going to Ft Worth to stay with his family and eat dinner with the whole group (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.). I'm excited :)
Body: I will try to exercise and try, try, try not to eat ALL of my MIL's southern down home cooking! Well, I'll eat something from every meal she makes, but I WILL NOT PIG OUT :)

Mind: I will journal. I think, unless I miraculously find money for a shrink, that I need to journal some of these feelings and frustrations.
Soul: enjoy family. Enjoy that we get to spend one more holiday with them, no matter how much they make us mad! At least they're here now and we can enjoy the good, the bad, and the ugly :)

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!!! I hope you enjoy every bite you take and, more importantly, that you enjoy every single person (especially family) that you are privilaged to spend time with!

To continue the thankful till Christmas thing, this week is family :)
So, I am thankful for a large supportive family! Even my in laws are pretty great. I am thankful that I've been loved so much, and that I've loved so many people that I get the chance to miss them when they're gone. That I hurt when they're hurt only means that I've had and have some really fabulous people in my life. I'm lucky to have known and to know such unconditional love.


Dr. Wifey said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! hope you are able to find that peace that you are seeking

Lainie said...

I want to send you virtual (((hugs))) and support from me. Enjoy your time with family. I wish I could see my extended family this time but no luck. I will be only with my hubby and kids and dog, but I'll appreciate that I have them all the time.

Felicia said...

*SUPER BIG HUGGLES* for all of it. I am always here for you *picture virtual shoulder to lean on* just holler ok!!

Best wishes this week! I plan on having a pig out week ( ok as much as I can pig out LOL ) But then back on the "be a good girl" wagon next week lol. Not so supportive now that I type it out *sigh*

You keep your chin up ya here!


The Happy Runner said...

Have a terrific time in Ft. Worth. I'll be doing the same (MIL's house), trying NOT to pig out! My game plan is to avoid the appetizers that are always so plentiful. That way, I can enjoy the dinner.

Natalia said...

Have a terrific time! :)