Friday, November 14, 2008

Days passing and passing

Answer from my last post: my next step is to figure out where the public library is in my town! I hope they have fun dancing exercise videos - like belly dancing. And, yes, I realize that I will look rediculous, but I'm going to do it anyway :) Isn't that half the fun of doing the weird exercises? Looking weird in the comfort of your own home? Not for you? It is for me :) I've developed a weird sense of humor over the years.

The point of the post:
I've been having issues lately where I feel like a drone plugging along. I work for a while and then come home and veg...just biding time until it's acceptable to sleep (ok, where I can justify sleeping...sometimes by 8:30)....just to start it all over again. Because of this, time seems to be passing by so quickly and I can't remember a lot of the days. I feel like stopping to "smell the roses" is just a phrase people say instead of a way of living :( At least it's not how I'm living my life. Grad school or not, I can still enjoy life!

I don't want to get into this too much, but my hubby is having a hard time. We need some quality time...not just time spent. And, we need to do things to take his mind off some stuff without costing a lot of money. Our date day is tomorrow (the one day where I DO NOT do work of any sort and we spend the whole day together). I need some ideas! I already know I want to paint with him, but we will want/need other ideas outside of vegging watching tv. I want to know what you guys do with your significant others to enjoy each others company! Keep in mind that we're broke right now (so I'm hoping you have cheap to no money ideas) and also keep in mind that he has health issues (his knees are really bad and he has bad asthma), so long or any strenuous hikes are out.



SeaBreeze said...

We walk to the grocery store and then cook dinner together. Try spending $4 each at the Dollar Store and see what you come up with. Coloring books (or pictures from the internet). Have a pinball competition on your computer (normally MS O/S come loaded with one.) Play Tennis. Swim or Skate at your local recreation center.

Chantelle said...

Things we've done are: check out local markets, try a new recipe, visit friends, go for a long drive, head to the City to look around.

Enjoy your time. x

P.S. I tagged you on my blog. :)

Chantelle said...

Oh and board games always make us laugh!

Felicia said...

How about a stroll through a local park or visiting a museum? Dale and I havent been on an alone date in lets see.. 3 or 4 years *sigh* I use to find things locally to do. Do you both drink coffee? How about visiting a local coffee house to just sit and chat? We just 'drive around' alot to. Always fun to see new parts of the city.

Have fun, good luck!


nmburleson said...

My hubby and I like to walk around book stores. Not to buy anything but just look. Maybe work on a puzzle together and talk. Go to the mall and walk around, not too long because of your hubby's knees. You could bring a little cooler with some food and eat at the mall food court, or a park. We're broke too and I can't remember the last time we went out or spent time together.

JanetM97 said...

Sounds like some good time together ideas from everyone- we need some of those, too! Just time sans kids would help us. A kids' sleepover at grandma's house once a month? I might look into that. ;)

Good luck with your video hunt! Our library lets you preorder online- as I'm sure yours does, too? You can also make requests and they'll actually listen and buy something for you. dd loves doing that. :)

Natalia - Embracing the Weight Loss Journey said...

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GroundedFitness said...

thats so funny! i went to the library a few days ago for the same reason- and only found 2 exercise dvds. REALLY OLD dvds.

Kelly Turner

MizFit said...

thinking about you...did you and hubby get some quality time together this weekend?
how was the dateday?
what did you end up doing?

(we got a sitter saturday afternoon and held hands and walked. SO NEEDED)