Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Exercise

I have a bit of exercise advice for you. It's a little early, but after the new year I am considering getting a piece of home exercise equipment. Why after the new year? That's when we can afford it :) NOT a new years resolution. Those darn resolutions never work!

I already know I want the bars that MizFit gave away a while back (can't remember what they're called, but I will definately look back in her archives...but if anyone can remember it's the bars that look like hurdles).
However, I really would like a cardio machine. My friend has a gazelle and said it was a lot like an eliptical machine and gives a good workout. I was always skeptical - seemed way too easy, but then again people said that about the elliptical machine. What do y'all think?


Mizz White said...

That is a good idea, but we won't be able to afford it for a long time. Thank God the gym on post is free. I tried the gazelle, but I felt like it was going to break with each stride. Thats probably just because I have this thing about support and feel like there is nothing under me in case it does break whereas ther is that whole structure under the elliptical.

Felicia said...

We had a gazelle for a couple of years. LOVED IT! But be warned it takes up a HUGE amount of room when in use. Have to admit that the only piece of equipment I will keep in the house now is the treadmill. The one we have had all kinds of different settings and a great incline. I like that you can make it hard or not with the push of a button lol.

Good luck with whatever you end up with!!


Natalia said...

I have never tried the gazelle. I would love to have a treadmill, but we don't have the $$ or the space!

The Happy Runner said...

I've never tried the gazelle, but I have seen the commercials. It looks pretty cool :-)

I have a treadmill and you've probably read about my love/hate relationship with it. Yesterday, I ran as slow as can be on it but I often go fast so having that option is nice. Do you bike at all? I've heard from people who ride that there is a stand for bikes that you can use to turn your outdoor bike into an indoor one, when you want to. The nice thing about that is it is an indoor/outdoor piece of equipment.

Tom Rooney said...


Treadmill here and like Felicia and the Happy Runner you can set it for just about any pace. If a walker, jogger or runner the incline can push you to a great workout. I know Horizon has some that are fairly inexpensive and Craig's list may give you what you're looking for with little cost.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I would love a home elliptical, but the kind I like at the gym costs, like 3K and I am NOT going there!

It's such a dilemma as to how to get good quality stuff for home use that doesn't cost a fortune. A used/refurbished treadmill from a reputable company seems to be a good bet. Never tried a Gazelle--the name sounds fun though!

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