Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sleep and back pain, not together!

I'm sleeping better. With meds. I'm sleeping with meds? I am taking meds to sleep better...and they're working. I finally caved again. I wish I could solve this with behavioral/natural methods, but I can't afford to be that sleep deprived. I figured that if exercising and eating better didn't help, that it was time to do something about it.

In other news, I found something intersting when I jog. My back feels better for a while (hours at least, but my inclination is days). When I walk long distances or sit at my computer (hunchback...terrible, I know) I have sciatic pain (the x rays didn't show anything though...grrr). It bothers me so much that it actually limits what I can/cannot do with my husband. But, when I jog it goes away. Can't explain it. No, it's not the shoes because the first time I jogged it was in not so good shoes and I still had the benifits. Maybe it's posture, but I doubt I suddenly straighten up when I jog. Maybe it wiggles my back into better alignment? Who knows. It's official, I'm a freak of nature! ;) I guess it's just one more motivator. The feeling better, not being a freak.


Dr. Wifey said...

you might have to start jogging all the time! j/k :)

Felicia said...

For most of my life I have been a terrible sleeper. Once I get to sleep I am set for the night but till I got to sleep it was horrible. Tossing, turning and hours of waiting would go by ( no matter what I did to wear myself out during the day)before I was exhausted and would finally sleep.

After having surgery I read about someone taking something to help her sleep and not sure why the light bulb clicked on but it did and I finally asked my doctor about it.

I have been taking it for a long while now and although I am not a lover of taking "pills" I have NEVER EVER slept so well in my life. I am not tired in the morning now. I go right to sleep. Was the best thing I did for myself. Ok one of them LOL.

I say if it helps take it.

What did you end up getting?

"sciatic pain" EVIL! I have this to. I havent had an episode in a long long time though. Not sure why it stopped but it used to just cripple me. I am thinking weight shifted *shrug* lol. Anyways I feel your pain.

Glad to hear the jogging is going so well AND helping you out in more than just one way.



Anonymous said...

that is so weird that you feel better from running! :) but it is great! i can't think of better motivation. :)

Jim ( said...

Endorphins from the exercise, maybe?

Read this from the Mayo Clinic:
Exercise takes the edge off chronic pain

MizFit said...

hey freak of nature (wink) SO GLAD YOU ARE GETTING SOME REST!!


The Happy Runner said...

I guess, if it works, keep doing it!!!!

Mark said...

Keep it going and continue to listen to your body! :)