Thursday, May 14, 2009

Allowences. Again.

To clarify...if I were a stay at home mom, like a lot of you ladies, I would probably be as exhausted as I am when I'm in the midst of a semester. I have all the respect for parents, especially ones that stay at home with their kids. It's more than a full time job in and of itself. A stay at home wife with no kids to take care of = boring. Yes, I could clean my house, but what fun would that be? :) Besides, I do have work to do it's just that I'm going stir crazy being cooped inside. We go for walks to help, and go see friends once in a while, but it's just really a different environment than what I'm used to. Imagine what'll happen when I retire. lol.

I feel like I'm struggling with the same things food wise. 1 year of posting, many years of worrying about this and I'm at the same place. The issue is that I can't be good all the time, but I have troubles finding balance. How do you let yourself have yummy yet bad for you foods and leave it at that? How often do you have them? Once a week have a fast food cheeseburger? Quit the whining and have none? I have a problem with limits and allowences. I am usually an all or nothing type of person, so this you can have treats in moderation.

For now, though, I'm going to keep working on eating when I'm hungry and trying to eat a little better. I've already incorporated a lot more healthy food into my diet (as in food intake not on a "diet") and leave the worrying for another day! Let's just focus on one step at a time. Like Bill Mury in What About Bob...Baby steps :)


Mama Bear June said...

I struggled for about 3 years with making half-hearted attempts at weight loss. In Feb this year, I finally had enough and decided I wanted to really work HARD at it. Bought the Flat Belly Diet book and followed the eating plan really well. I finally kick-started my weight loss and made good progress.

It helped me to have a specific plan for eating with lots of great, tasty choices for meals. And the book gave a lot of specific info on calories and portion sizes. I needed that specificity to get out of my rut. I was eating quite a lot more calories than I realized.

Crazylady said...

Hi there... 1st time commenter here.. really like your blog! I too am an all or nothing person. Once I get started there's usually no stopping me. My main treat now is unsweetened organic peanut butter. I always long for "something" once my dinner is over so I have a teaspoon or two of peanut butter, usually on its own (like a lollipop) but sometimes with an apple. Once I have that it I'm usually ok. It satisfies my mental cravings I think more than anything. I'm allowing myself to have something instead if fighting it for the night... you know? Sure it's high in fat but it's natural and not full of crap so that's something. I think you need to find your "peanut butter". :)

Took me a long time to get here though.... and I still have slip-ups. Big time!

Diana said...

Thanks for the support and advice! The peanut butter and apples thing...that sounds so good! Last year, when I was having a bit of sucess, I would have peanut butter toast with fresh fruit on it. Usually strawberries and grapes cut up, but dipping apples in peanutbutter sounds good :)

MargieAnne said...

Hi. Notice you are struggling with being a stay-at-home for a few weeks.

May I suggest you look up the tourist info for your area. Maybe there are some things you have never done that don't involve spending heaps of money. You could schedule an outing/picnic day for once or twice a week.

Being at home without any other stimulation is the pits. I love my home and could spend more time here but I would still like the freedom to do other things as well.

Make a list of things you would like to do if you have the time. I know how easy it is to let the days slip by and have nothing at the end. To feel satisfied at the end of a day is a good jumping off place for the next day. I think if you do this you will find your weight-loss efforts seem a lot more interesting too.