Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

This is my 2nd mothers day without my mom. I miss her in more ways than I can express in person, much less typing to you. But, it makes me appreciate all you moms so much more. I hope you realize what you mean to your daughters and sons. How much you shape them into who they will be. And, regardless of your struggles together, if they're anything like me they will be proud to grow up to be just like you. It's an honor. Just like I hope you are feel towards your moms (and dads, but that's for a different month :). I hope everyone had as wonderful of a mom as I did.

So, here's to you Blogger moms. I hope this weekend is a relaxing, relatively stress free, and a wonderful one. I hope you take some time for you this weekend - to appreciate all that you do! After all, you can't do your job well (as a mom) until you take care of yourself!


dadivastreet said...

I hope Mother's Day was filled with loving memories of your Mother. Have a wonderful week!

me said...

This was my second Mother's Day without my mother as well. We lost her on Mother's Day 2007 - horrible day to lose her but we knew it was coming. It is hard but Hubby and Kiddo helped make things easier for me when they created a little scrapbook photo album filled with pictures of me and my mom together (this was last year) and I found myself looking through it this year and smiling. I still don't know where Hubby managed to find all the pictures - some of them I don't recall having ever seen before. Remember her with the good times. Maybe create an album of the memories the two of you shared via pictures or things that remind you of her and on mother's days to come, pull it out and smile as you remember.

Natalia said...

Aw Diana, what a nice post. Thanks! I really needed to read this today as it's one of "those" days that I'm feeling like the worlds worst mother. So, Thank You!

Sorry for your loss. I lost my mom in 97 and especially on mothers day I miss her terribly!