Friday, May 15, 2009

Healthy snacks and sweet tooth fixes

I think Mama bear June was right on her comment for my last post. I think I am having more calories than I realized and making more allowences. I am doing better about over eating, but not all of it is good foods. It's just so difficult.

And, Crazy Lady is my kind of girl. I love sweets that don't involve chocolate (most of the time anyway), and her idea about eating fruit with peanutbutter is genious in my book. So simple, and yet would totally hit the spot. I have this new problem with sweet tooth fixes. Plain fruit cuts it most of the time, but not evidence of the ice cream in my freezer! Dang the hubby for turning me onto sweets. Doesn't help being a girl and all (you know what I'm talking about).

As far as the rest of my eating habbits: I won't be following a diet or a plan. They mess my head up more than they help. My main goal is to eat better, but be "normal" about food as well. Don't get me wrong, weight loss would be a great side effect, but just a side effect. I'm getting there, I just need a little time and maybe help!

What do you do for healthy fixes? What snacks do you feel like you just can't get enough of? I know I need to find my own, but until then I'll steal some of yours :) I know I've heard you say it time and time again on your blogs, but I'd like to hear them again!


Mama Bear June said...

Yay, I made sense for once! ;-)

In the same vein as peanut butter, my favorite snack is a handful of raw, unsalted nuts. I keep small snack size bags of them in my cupboard, usually with 2 squares of Dove dark chocolate. I prefer my snacks to have a little healthy, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate! :-D

I also enjoy yogurt with mint-filled dark chocolate baking bits. (That's a new product in our Dove line. Oh, they are sooooo addictive!)
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Natalia said...

Well Diana, you know I relate to the whole head/diet thing! You are doing great. For snacks I love frozen cherries mixed with, plain yogurt and a scoop of protein powder! :) Or just a bowl of frozen cherries. Peanut butter and carrot sticks or an apple. String cheese. protein shake! :) I also like those Special K protein water packs....I like to blend it with water and a bunch of ice, kinda comes out like a slurpee! It has fiber and protein in it so it makes you feel full.

Miz said...

how was the weekend?
I LOVE the summer as my snacks tend to follow the growing calendar.
we're all about the fresh fruit and cheese (hello laughing cow!) right now.

TamaraJoi said...

hey i happened to stumble on your blog when looking for healthy sweet snack ideas. Because i cant digest fats i know that protien is good for your muscles but too much and your body will store it as fat. So be carefull on how much excess protien you consume in a day for healthier living and a reduced waste line.

my own personal favorites: an apple with a little Nutella. Also you can make your own biscuits cut the buscuit in half and use this filling (stir rhubarb, a lil sugar, lemon juice in a saucepan and simmer cooking for one minute then transfer that to a bowl and boil until syrupy) when thats done put it on your biscuit and add a couple of peach slices (peeled) and add a table spoon of nonfat vanilla yogurt then sandwitch your guilt free desert :) or for less calories dont sadwitch it and just have half a biscuit. ~200 cal

let me know if you need more details for this recepie or others.