Wednesday, May 20, 2009

exercise as meditation

Thanks for all the great advice, tips and encouragement with my last post! The pain is a sciatic pain. I used to have trouble with it when I was waitressing (using only one side for heavy lifting of trays and plates = pain!). The docotor says the x-ray shows nothing. My chiropractor told me that my hips are not centered with my spine. Who knows. All I know is that when I jogg it goes away or is not so bad. I should press it more, but I'm tired of going to the doctor and them not doing anything for me. Compacency is always the best solution, right? hah

On a different topic:
I was watching Bride Wars the other day. As an aside, I promise not to spoil it. But, really, if you haven’t seen it then do it! If you’re a girl (or have known girls!), it is perfect. Funny, sad, outrageous, but it fits us or how we can be or at least feel sometimes to a T.

Anyway, related to this blog: there is a scene (early on…promise!) where Kate Hudson’s character asks why they can’t power walk/jog/run with iPods. Anne Hathaway’s character says to that: “iPods are for people that can’t be left alone with their thoughts.”

Most of the people I know use iPods to make exercising enjoyable. Is it true? Are we all just people who can’t be left alone to their thoughts? I don’t know that I agree. At least agree whole heartedly. While I do feel that way sometimes (that and my anxiety will be left to a different post), I don’t think it’s so bad to lose yourself in exercise.

Sometimes walking/jogging/running is good for sorting out your thoughts. But, if you’re like me, sometimes you need to escape them as well. I worry all the time. I like exercise being a break from that. My iPod and my music helps that. It helps me lose all the stupid worries and just feel peaceful. It usually helps to distract me somewhat from everyday life. And, it helps to not make a big deal out of things.
So, while I think sometimes I do things to not be left alone to my thoughts, I’m not sure that using an iPod is related to that. Besides, if I had a buddy to chat with why would I use an iPod. Isn't having a buddy the same thing?

What do you thing about this? Agree with the movie? Disagree? Do any of you go sans music or tv while exercising? What music do you like to exercise to? Any favorites?


Dr. Wifey said...

I have not seen Bride Wars, but maybe I should :) I like to watch tv while I walk on the treadmill or use the elliptical machine because it makes the time pass faster. If I don't have a distraction, I tend to think "Ugh! I hate exercise! What!?! I have only been walking for 2 minutes?!" LOL Distractions are good :)

Diana said...

I'm not sure that I was very clear ( much for preparing the post a few days ahead of time!). but, I guess my point is that I use it so that I can be left alone with my thoughts later. Does that make sense? To clear my head so that I'm better able to deal with things later. Maybe it's all one in the same.

Tom Rooney said...

I get it Diana and use the iPod to escape while working out. I'd rather hear the music than my heart pumping out of my chest.

The Happy Runner said...

I can't run with music! But I also don't like headphones or earpieces much at all.

Natalia said...

Hey Diana,
Personally I think that music motivates me and invigorates me. I always have a better workout when I'm listening to music. I enjoy moving to music! :)

crazylady said...

I'm better off not being alone with my thoughts most of the time to be honest as I just over think things way too much or else I re-live old events or conversations... sad I know but true. So I love listening to music when exercising! It occupies my mind and a good thumping beat or up-lifting song gives me so much more energy and determination!!

carla said...

for some reason just the TRAILER for Bride Wars irritated me...and I lovelove me some kate.