Monday, May 18, 2009

Pain in the....back!

The weekend was good for the most part. Eating...we're not discussing that! But, exercise is going well. I've been fast paced walking for about 30-40 minutes 5 days a week. Let me tell you, the doggie is loving it! My back? Not so much. But, I've discovered something weird...if I walk for a long time my back hurts like crazy. If I jogg periodically through the time (@ 1 minute bursts) then it starts to feel better again. I've never heard of you think it's my posture (as I straighten my slouched back! lol), or maybe the way I walk? I'm starting to think so...why else would jogging releave it?

HMMM...I have some inernet scouring to do! Er, after I work. Yes, after work!


Dr. Wifey said...

way to go on the exercise! that is a strange phenomenon LOL

Felicia said...

Have I mentioned lately how DANG proud I am of you!?!? Well if I havent then here it is..


You are making such wonderful changes in your life. I mean seriously! Is it really about perfection? So what if the eating isnt up to par. Not everything in every day in every moment is perfect anyways.

You just keep on what you are doing. YOU ARE MAKING IT because you are making it happen!

As for the pain in the back HAHAHA I feel you. Mowed the lawn yesterday, weed eated the yard yesterday, moved 10 more wheel barrows of bricks around the house to the front yesterday, finished working on taking ALL the soil out of a garden I have in the back yesterday AND went for a walk around the lake with the guys. Today I am digging out the whole back of the house to fill with gravel so the stupid rain and mud doesnt rot out my new siding.. Who cares if I had an M&M as I walked through the house to get a bottle of water!

WE ARE LIVING! And thats the whole point in the end.



Anonymous said...

I almost feel like you have mentioned this in the past? or maybe i am just having deja vu! :)

The Happy Runner said...

You just have to keep tossing the jogging bursts in there! :-)

Way to go w/the walking! Keep it up!!

MargieAnne said...

Congratulations on doing such a good job.

About the back pain ... It is unusual for pain to stop when jogging so maybe it has something to do with changing your posture. Maybe you need some exercises which increase core strength and teach you how to balance your weight better will help.

Hope you find a solution soon.


Crazylady said...

Well done on the exercise and don't worry the food will fall into place eventually!

The back issue is quite odd though. I wonder could it have anything to do with footwear or your feet? Though why would jogging help then ?!!? Hmmmmm.... I think if it was me I'd get it checked out. Maybe by a physio? It might save you further injury and absence from exercise down the line.

My 3 Month Challenge said...

I have back pain from exercise this week too :< eeish.

Greeat job on the walk 5 days a week!!

Hanlie said...

My back also used to get sore from walking, but this disappeared when I started doing Pilates. It's all about using different muscles... Definitely worth a try, because the benefits are so many!