Friday, June 26, 2009

Marley :)

We did get the puppy!! She's @ 5 months old. Believe it or not, they gave us the dog free along with a colar, leash, bed, doggie bowls, a toy and a small brush. This was a dog they found on the road. I thought it was too good to be true, but so far so gums, clear eyes, clean ears (can see scars where flease and ear mites were, but the bugs are gone now)...loveable and freely goes on her back, lets us hold her paws, lots of puppy kisses and playful. Everything I could ask from a puppy! Just one more test, vet visit monday, and we'll be good to go! I believe we lucked out big far. OH, and is on her way to being potty trained.

Here are pics from the "foster" mom.

Adorable, isn't she!? She's really more of a rat terrier/weenie mix (or something like that as she's very small with a long body and long head. I'll take better pics eventually. Whatever she is, she's an absolute love!
Yes, I think we're naming her Marley Ireland (Marley, after Bob Marley, not the dog irritated that they had to use that name!). Our other dog is Gretchen Wednesday, so we're "those" people. lol.


Dr. Wifey said...

so so CUTE!!!! makes me want another puppy! love the names. we are "those" people too with our dog and cat names LOL can't wait to see more pics :)

Crazylady said...

ADORABLE!!! Fab name too but then I'm Irish and love Bob Marley so I'm a tad biased :)

She actually quite like our dog (a jack russell) except the patches on ours are light brown. She'll probably be full of energy like ours too! You'll be so fit in a few months you won't believe it.

Anonymous said...

That is one cute puppy! Of course I love my weiner dogs, so I'm a bit prejudiced!

The Happy Runner said...


Mama Bear June said...

Actually, the dog in the movie/book was ALSO named after Bob Marley. :-) Just hope it doesn't ACT like the dog in the movie/book.
Congrats on the new baby!

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Diana said...

Oh, I know they used the name Marley after Bob (or at least I think they did), it's just become so much more popular now and we had discussed it as a name for our next dog a while back. That's ok though, it'll be the one time I'm trendy I guess :)

Diana said...

Not so far, MBJune, but she does chew on stuff! Good thing we have lots of toys to re-direct her!

Crabby McSlacker said...

OMG, she is so CUTE!!!

I need to back slowly away from the computer... we do not need a new adorable animal in our lives but you're seriously tempting me to do some puppy shopping.