Monday, June 15, 2009

update...yes, I have nothing more creative than to call this update :)

I got sucked into facebook and now my blog reading is falling to wayside along with my blog posting! Dang facebook. grrr. so addictive.

Good news is that I've been eating healthier. Ok, it's just been since today, but it is a start! I saw another photo of myself and was freaked. Besides that the pants I'm wearing in my profile photo here (the ones I was freaking out about not looking good in) are not wearable as they are tight. Besides all the other reasons I want to get healthier. Organic food doesn't do good if you indulge all the time in processed fast foods with more fat grams that I can count!

Why does it have to be so difficult? Regardless, I need to sart now. So that I have time to do all the things I want to in life!

Randomness. I'm starting to bake my own bread. I'm turning domestic. It barely preceeded the want of little people (aka children) in the house. Oh, you dang biological clock...what are you doing to me?!? But, this means I have natural bread where I know what ingredients are in it. Now I just need to have a sucessful loaf (1 didn't rise enough and the other one tasted funky) and life will be great :)


Crazylady said...

Oh facebook is just lethal for time wasting!! :)

It's great that you are eating healthier no matter how long it's been for. Every day and choice is a new one right!

I love home-made brown bread... a little too much unfortunately. So I don't make it any more. My mum does though and when she gives me some I slice it up and freeze it so I'm less likely to eat it all in one go!!

The Happy Runner said...

I love homemade bread, too! Now you've made me think that I should start baking some! It's true that it is nice to know exactly what is going into the bread when you make it yourself.

way to go with the healthy eating!

Diane, fit to the finish said...

I like your blog a lot! Thanks for visiting mine, and I love homemade bread!! I make pizza crust every Friday night for "movie night" and it is so much better tasting than take-out or boxed pizza. Of course I have to make 4 large pizzas since there are so many of us!

Felicia said...

*scratches head* I could have sworn I posted on this hmmmm you deleted me didn't you *grin*

Fresh Bread? O M Gosh I will be right over. I can honestly say that one of my favorite things in the world is bread and fresh baked, well there is just no saying no to that lol.

As for Facebook its totally not my fault *grin* I have total control over the amount of time I spend on there yup I do I do I do, ah who am I kidding I don't at all. Addicting dang thing.

Congrats on eating healthier!! Its the small steps that add up. Hang in there!!


Mama Bear June said...

That is exactly why I'm resisting the move to Facebook. I've had so many friends invite me and I just REFUSE to do it.
Path to Health

Crabby McSlacker said...

I don't know which is the more tempting sounding time suck: facebook or baking home made bread!

I suspect they're both addictive.