Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The wee hours random post

I'm here early. At work before 6 to prepare for a meeting this afternoon that I'm not ready for. It was re-scheduled late last night (while I was sleeping). I was annoyed for about 2 seconds. Leaving my puppy and hubby at 5:30 is never a smiling event...especially with the puppy eyes when she realizes I'm leaving.s OH, the puppy eyes. The puppy eyes could break a heart in two!! But, you know what this means? I have until Friday to prepare! Overcoming procrastination is something they should give lessons on, but I'm afraid it'd consist of "do it now" and not much else. lol.

Speaking of procrastination, it also means that I couldn't go for a walk today. I actually didn't go last week either. The puppy was visiting mimi and papa (the MIL & FIL). It's weird, I actually used her for motivation . I didn't have a backup. I was just going to wing it. I just hadn't counted on being lost about it without her. Listen to me...lost without my dog. lol. What has happened to me. Surrogate kid? Me thinks so. Lesson #2 for the week...CONTINGENCY PLANS!!!

I did overcome the procrastination about the tofu. I tried it! If you can get around the mushiness, it's not terrible. It's actually not bad. FYI...eat it IN something. Salad. Rice dish. Something. Plain is not the way to go when you first start. Unless you're brave. Or weird.


Dr. Wifey said...

i am the master at procrastination! somehow i always manage to get it done though....drives my hubby crazy. i have been using my dogs as motivation to walk as well.

Felicia said...

LOL I totally agree about the tofu! That's why I drown mine ins soy sauce lol. SO good for you though but ACK on the taste by its self. Its great in soup too though.

Hope your day went well!!

Natalia said...

Procrastination and me go waaaaay back! :)