Monday, May 19, 2008

Bummer day

Thanks for the encouraging words. It really helps to have the support.

I'm in a mood, so you'll have to forgive me while I have a pitty party/angry fest. I weighed myself again and I'm above where I started! 223!! How can this happen? How, in three days, could I have gained back the 5 pounds and also 3 more???? Even if I'm eating more the past couple days than I did last week (not too much more), I'm eating WAY better than I was before I decided to get healthy. Before I'd have a muffin sandwich with hashbrowns in the am (or biscuits and gravy and hashbrown) at the local fast food...followed by a bad lunch (I'd usually get a meatball sandwich and french fries) followed by 1/2 a frozen pizza at night. On a good day that's all I'd eat. On a bad, I would graze all night long. Olives, cheese, crackers, ice cream, you name it. Now, much better. I know it's less than 2k/day (before it was probably @ 3-4k to be honest). AND, I've been meeting my walking goals. But, I gained back @ 8 pounds in three days? Without eating really bad foods! There has to be a great reason for this...I'm about to explode.
On top of it, my (fur) baby is getting surgery today to remove a lump (she's 11 mo's, so it's probably not cancer, but you never know). Add to this the "normal" high stress and I'm a little miserable. I'm hoping this week gets better, because it's not shaping to be a good one.


dadivastreet said...

Body weight changes due to retaining water, stress & even exercise. I found out that although I was not losing weight, I was losing inches. Muscle weighs more than fat. Hang in there, don't give up! Hope all goes well for your baby & that she's scampering around the house in no time! Wishing you a good week!

Lasserday said...

just want to reiterate what dadivastreet said....there is water and possible pms and variable poop (sorry, but it is true!) amounts to consider. don't be too quick to decide you gained back real fat. :) that is my worst problem, i go up with the scale and down with the scale and have little patience for the ups and downs that happen even when the trend is down. :P