Friday, May 23, 2008


Thanks for the support and advice! (I'll check out the book Mama Bear June :) Isn't it frustrating Lasserday? I do all the "right" things, change my diet...seem to be on the right weight loss track and BOOM...gain it back with no fun stuff or bad reasons why. I have to admit that it almost made me revert back to my old ways. After all, if I'm going to be fat I may as well eat what I want. But, I feel better eating this way and I don't mind the new food. I figured that my body is doing better and that's what counts!

But, I was still a little bummed. Ok, a lot of bummed. I have over 60 pounds to lose. It should come off like it was the first "good for you" food week. I had an exciting discovery though this late morning. I put on a pair of exercise pants (cause damn if not losing weight will make me not do stuff to feel good) and lo and behold they're loose for the first time since I bought them 1.5 years ago :) NSV's are my way to go apparently. So, for an official record of where I am now (too bad I didn't track where I was before):
Hips: 47"
Waist: 33"
Chest: 42"

As I said before...I'll be tracking SV's and NSV's to keep it all into perspective. What I'm doing is making a difference. I just had to know the right places to look.

***Ok, so my semi-expensive scale (expensive for me) was a piece of crap! I tried on some clothes I had to put away b/c they were tight...and they fit. So, I bought a new scale and even after lunch and a couple glasses of water I'm down 11 pounds! 11. I didn't even get to celebrate properly. That's ok though, I'm just glad to know I'm not crazy. Ok, well...THIS doesn't show I'm crazy!! You'll have to find other evidence for that one ;)


Lasserday said...

that's great!

weelittleme said...

Whoo hoo that is good news for sure and those NSV are probably the most important anyway. Way to go.